Modern and personalized kitchens

Designing a  kitchen has to be told. There are a variety of points to consider, not only aesthetic but also functional. In a kitchen, it is important to find comfort, beauty, and practicality. In this sense, there is nothing like handing over the project to a company that guarantees quality and understands the client’s personal style and what he idealizes for space.

In Portugal, we find what is best done in the capital of furniture: Pa├žos de Ferreira. That’s where we are going today to introduce you to five 3D projects for modern kitchens by  Rui Bessa Interiores

The Rui Bessa Interior is dedicated to furniture manufacturing by measure, combining design and technology. The company specializes in the construction of custom kitchens and wardrobes and has more than eight years of experience in the market. Along the way, it has always been molding and adapting to trends and new technologies to respond to customers’ needs. 

1. In black and red

At homify comes a myriad of white kitchens projects. After all, white is a color that does not compromise, which conveys an enormous feeling of hygiene and that stands out for its versatility. It adapts, for these and other reasons, to all spaces. The kitchen is no exception.

However, there are always those who want to move away from light and neutral tones and try bolder solutions. Our first kitchen is precisely for these people. The black lacquered cabinets lend sophistication and boldness to the space. Interrupting the black are some red accents, a color, also she, unusual when it comes to kitchens. Even so, the color palette is balanced and, despite the use of black, the atmosphere is not overloaded as the walls are white. 

The kitchen is compact, but has everything you need for a functional and comfortable use, including a peninsula for informal day-to-day meals. 

2. Now, blank

But if you have always visualized your kitchen in white, then you have a perfect choice here. With white and smooth surfaces – the handles are concave – this kitchen has generous storage spaces and a column with oven and microwave. Note that nowadays, the oven is placed higher so that people do not have to bend down each time they want to access it. This makes it much easier to use this appliance, especially for those with back problems. 

3. Kitchen with island

Central island kitchens are a trend. This volume allows for a myriad of uses. You can use it to add storage space to the kitchen, to embed appliances, as a surface for preparing food and, of course, for making quick meals. To make it more functional, be sure to light it properly. In fact, the question of lighting is essential in a kitchen. You will need a bright space that invites you to cook and socialize and you can even bet on independent systems to not have everything connected at the same time and that emit a different color and intensity luminosity. 

4. Custom kitchen

When planning a kitchen, several questions must be kept in mind: who uses it? How regularly? Are they going to cook, essentially, simple meals or not? Will it be a space for socializing where guests can be welcomed? What is the style of the house? And the available space? Depending on the responses, so does the type of cuisine. 

Rui Bessa Interiores makes custom-made kitchens, taking into account the available space and optimizing the entire organization and availability of appliances. The company seeks to create functional kitchens and always with a high aesthetic degree. 

5. Thermolaminated and thermo-lacquered materials

The Rui Bessa Interior differs at the national level, by the use of laminates and thermo materials. The kitchens are designed to be more spacious and you can choose the model and color of the doors so that the area meets your expectations.

7 examples of modern kitchens with island

Let’s go to the  kitchen today! Does it look good?

After all, it is in this space at home that we can create real magic potions, let our imagination run free, in order to satisfy our taste buds and stimulate our taste buds. 

Kitchens exist under an infinite number of models, colors, styles, shapes … but there is one that arouses interest today. These are the kitchens with an island. In fact, this type of kitchen has a very attractive design, in addition to being very practical, for various functions in the kitchen. 

1. With an island that separates environments

Modern Kitchen by Schmidt Holzinger Innenarchitekten Moderno

The kitchen islands serve several purposes, one of the most important being that they have the advantage of separating environments or delimiting the division itself.

If you have a kitchen sharing area with the dining and living room, choose a kitchen island, it will look elegant, while creating that separation. As is the case with this superb kitchen island, which also serves as a shelf. 

2. Island and table at the same time

A  kitchen island will also serve as a dining table, particularly when we want to be quick and practical. For breakfast or a solo dinner, a kitchen island is a perfect place. Add high stools or traditional chairs, depending on the height of your kitchen island. 

3. Super equipped island

A kitchen island can also be planned with a  stove, oven, sink, and the like. It all depends on the purpose you want to have on your island. In the market you will find the ideal solution for you. 

In addition, it gains space for cooking thanks to the extra worktop.  

4. Island with lots of storage

One of the other advantages of having a kitchen island is that it gains extra space for storage. As is the case with this modern kitchen island, which has very spacious drawers and full of design. On the other hand, it has a stove top and a large bench. 

5. Multifunction island

This kitchen island is quite large, which allows you to create several functions on it, namely a spacious table, as well as a stove top. Now you can ask yourself about the extractor hood, but as we talk about modern kitchen island, the technology is cutting edge. The kitchen hood is located on the ceiling, just above the stove. 

6. Island for small kitchens

Do not hesitate to put an island in your small kitchen. In the market, there are different sizes and types of islands, surely one of them will be suitable for your kitchen! 

Here, they took advantage of the fact that the kitchen is open to the living room, to separate the environment. In this case, the island serves as a meal table. A modern design that gives a lot of style to the environment. 

7. Ultra modern island

We end with this fabulous example of an ultra modern kitchen island. This island features two shades – white and black – creating a division for the island’s diverse functions. On the one hand is a table, on the other is the stove and bench. 

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