The secrets of kitchens with lots of light and space!

Since most of us have to spend a few hours of life in the kitchen, there’s nothing like being able to enjoy one with lots of space and lots of light! This will greatly facilitate our work within it, whether it be cooking meals, psychology consultation for a friend with concerns, or as an explanatory center for the youngest when they insist on not wanting to do their homework in favor of the game. Of course, we know that not everyone has the possibility and the luck to be able to have a fantastic kitchen, worthy of a Hollywood house, but… the dream rules life, right? So don’t worry anymore and enjoy our selection of dream kitchens, full of space and completely flooded with natural light! Who knows, one of these days, it’s not yours that appears in a selection of the genre, is it?

Well divided

In addition to being bright and with plenty of space for storage and circulation, this kitchen also becomes fantastic due to the way it is divided. With this small wall, he manages to create a corridor completely connected to the kitchen, while being clearly willing to move around without major confusion. In addition, it makes the dining space more welcoming.

With space for the whole family

Wide, without major obstacles and with plenty of space to circulate – these are the main characteristics of our second kitchen, which stands out for having a good area to gather everyone who wants to help or simply keep the service cook company. There is enough space to pull up a chair, for your dog to lie down or for the kids to be around playing. You can move around without fear of constantly bumping into something.


We already know that white helps to brighten any space, no matter how interior it is. In this kitchen, which is practically all white, we have what we can call an overdose of light, which snuggles our soul, especially on sunny days. We can almost walk in sunglasses around these parts, it is true, but there is nothing like a bright and clean space to give us good morning in the morning!

In contact with nature

A slot for the garden is great to create a more peaceful environment in your kitchen, regardless of the runs that are done here every day. This kitchen is the perfect example of a space where stress can exist, but where there is also an escape from reality so that we can look at the garden, unconcerning ourselves for a few moments.

Aerial window

And if you have the opportunity to have a skylight inside the kitchen, don’t lose sight of it! Invest in this opening, as you will have an absolutely divine and unique dream kitchen! How many have you seen with this detail? Probably none or very few. This is that touch that cannot be missed when we want to have an absolutely fantastic kitchen full of light! It may be slightly more expensive, yes, but … is there a price to pay a direct view, from the first row, to a starry sky at night?

Pool view

Another one of those relaxing or motivating landscapes to finish your lunch quickly and still go and enjoy your pool for a swim or two! If you are one of the lucky ones that have such a space at home, nothing like a kitchen with this view so that everything becomes more zen and fun! Plus, you’ll always have an eye on kids’ water play.

A modern kitchen with island

The kitchen represents a central space in our home and today we depend not only on it, but also on a number of electronic devices produced by contemporary society. In view of this, we present a charismatic innovation with regard to the design of furniture for this type of spaces: the island. What is an island? If you have not heard of this term, you will certainly be fascinated by the explanation and images we present in this article today. Imagine that your stove and counter were separated from their traditional places and that they designed furniture independent of the kitchen … The island is an important element to create a harmonious and operational space in the kitchen, ensuring amaximum efficiency, functionality and style. Given the myriad of options, the reader will be able to renovate his kitchen with more inspiration!  

Thinking creatively and consulting a designer are measures that aim to ensure a future new kitchen, more attractive and harmonious. We leave some modern proposals to start planning everything with measures and confidence!

Classic vs Modern

The white color is aesthetically pleasing and harmonious. It is a suitable color for all different types of space. This island designed by the Englishwoman  Mowlem & Co is proof that we decided to show you! A very refined kitchen, which uses all the existing elements to create a unique environment. The kitchen island,  like the utensils and decorative objects themselves, respects a smooth color palette. We highlight two contrasting details that stand out: the live flowers on the island and the lamp, which finishes the composition with great taste. 

The use of elegance

In this wide and elongated space , the kitchen island is elegant and adjusted to each one of us. The bench consists of elements that occupy an important position in the composition of the space. This island solution is adapted to the geometry and interior environment, offering a large work surface. Its curves are an impressive combination with the other existing elements. As the island will be in constant use, it is essential that this area is well lit. In this case, the suspended artificial lighting helps the reader for whatever the task.

Coatings are important

One of the important aspects to pay attention to in the kitchen worktops, is its cleaning and maintenance. The coating should protect and ensure the durability of this element, so that you can prepare a large family dinner or a weekend event with your friends. As we see in the image, this surface should be easy to clean, and in a way, it gives a modern touch to the space. If you are a fan of the soft colors and pastel colors , this kitchen is a perfect portrait of the aesthetic balance, thus making it a more welcoming place. Small details, like the high chairs, the jug with juice, provide an elegant touch to this project.

The illumination

If you’re a fan of minimalism par excellence, you’re sure to love this kitchen by the designers of  Oxford Cucucine.  The benches appear in different layers in a full post-modern design, keeping the simplicity of the design and geometry. The existing lighting is reflected in the floor and the doors. The entire kitchen seems to be surrounded by a golden glow, and the countertop is the result of a meticulous design, in this case, in the lighting project for this space.

Portuguese touch

Tiago do Vale signs a project where the island also stands out from the «Chalé das Três Esquinas» project . We emphasize the use of this island in the kitchen, as well as its main material, the white color is also repeated on the surfaces of the walls, ceilings and carpentry, and filled with small details: from the gray hood, passing through the wooden floor, the lamps and the cladding of  the kitchen island in Estremoz marble. A classic, attractive and very Portuguese project.

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