7 gastronomy experts show their kitchens

Standing in the kitchen? Yes, but not only. The professionals who are shaping the new food market don’t just work in restaurants. In common, they make social networks their stepping stones and do not neglect the spaces where they live and cook.

Alexandra Forbes

That evil maxim that says that whoever criticizes is because they don’t know how to do it definitely does not apply to Alexandra Forbes, the journalist and gastronomic critic who, before writing, already piloted a stove like a grown-up. From an early age, he absorbed his father’s culinary knowledge, much of which was transmitted in this kitchen. “I come here a lot because I am an orphan of a structure like that in my apartment”, he says, “but Dr. Geraldo is the boss,” author of Brazilian dishes “from scratch, like dried meat paçoca, shrimp with chayote, milky with farofa ”, and who designed the space itself. It helps that her father has one of the few examples of La Cornue in Brazil, a classic French stove that has a farm feel, “made to cook slowly”, according to her. “It reinforces something that Francis Mallmann says, that the most important thing in the kitchen is time.” Today, Forbes divides his days between journalism and volunteer work at Refettorio Gastromotiva.

Janaina and Jefferson Rueda

The owners of the Bar da Dona Onça and the A Casa do Porco Bar can even be called old school chefs – they command, from the kitchen, trendy restaurants – but the choice to do so in downtown São Paulo and attract a new flow of people to the region is what differentiates them from their more “normal” colleagues (in addition, of course, to the flavors they invent when rereading traditional national ingredients). Inhabitants of the Copan Building, are preparing to move to another apartment in the neighborhood, whose great attraction is the 1920s bar (photo) brought from Germany by the former resident. Known from Janaina from the times of Bar do Museu (another local institution), he insisted that the family sell the property to her, because he knew that the chef would preserve the space intact. The couple struggled to acquire it, but it was worth the sacrifice. Before they even live, they already use the bar of “your” Cirilo. “Today there is a problem for those who are bohemian,” says Jefferson. “There is a hole from 1 am onwards, there is no more open bar in São Paulo. So, nothing better than having a bar at home and welcoming friends for the last drink. ”

Rogerio Betti

“I am the fourth generation of butchers in my family,” begins Rogerio Betti, owner of the meat shop deBetti, which operates a small revolution in the meat market by prioritizing artisanal production and cuts of superior quality. “I was born inside a butcher shop and until I was 18 years old I experienced this, at a time when it was not so cool to be a butcher.” Arriving at FAAP business school classes smelling of meat embarrassed him, and Betti worked for 15 years in the financial market before pursuing the family vocation – which was awakened by chance, exactly in this leisure area of ​​his duplex penthouse. Inspired by the legendary New York steak house Peter Luger, he applied the method called dry aged at home- meat maturation process that increases tenderness and concentrates flavor. It was supposed to be just a hobby, but by sharing the experience with friends on Instagram, he gained followers who later became customers. Since opening the butcher shop in 2016, he barely has time to take advantage of this space, guided by comfort and simplicity. “The floor is vermilion, from a farm, and the table is 100 years old, it belonged to my wife’s great-grandmother.”

Izabela Tavares

Eighteen years as a model delayed the meeting of Iza Tavareswith her aptitude for the kitchen, which she knew was there. “Food was a way of reconnecting with the family, which I left early to pursue a career in fashion; in my house, everyone cooked ”, he says. In 2012, he enrolled in gastronomy and then went to Italy and the USA to learn the natural fermentation that today he uses in his Iza Padaria Artesanal. While interning in the area, he fell in love with the breads he made for his own consumption. When he realized, part of the domestic production was being sold to friends, whose interest was piqued by posts posted on Instagram. “I thought that was strange, I didn’t accept being a baker as my profession.” Perhaps having chef Bel Coelho as one of the first customers was perhaps the definitive impulse for her to set up a production kitchen on the ground floor of the building where she later moved in,lighter and more sustainable lifestyle . The spirit of it your self in bakery was also valid when composing the space, made by her without an architect. The wooden furniture breaks the industrial climate and emphasizes what the bakery really is: an extension of the home.

Bel Coelho

Anyone who thinks that the stellar trajectory (Buddah Bar, Sabuji, Dui) has allowed chef Bel Coelho to settle on his laurels is mistaken. The closing of her last restaurant in 2013 forced her to rethink her role, and from reflection new ways of acting emerged that have proved to be viable to live from gastronomy without sacrificing other spheres of life. Today Bel commands the Clandestino, still started in Dui, where once a week he served a tasting menu with what made him too creative. Clandestino gained its own space, works only one week a month and walks alone – all accounts close. “I will not become a millionaire, but I am happy, I have time for my children”, he guarantees. Detail: the restôdiscloses menu, dates and reservations via social networks – and always sells. “It is not cheap, so I also have Canto da Bel”, where it opens its doors to the street one Saturday a month and serves up to 500 meals at affordable prices. The only kitchen that does not fully satisfy her is that of home: “It is far from what I want. But it is functional, I cook a lot. ” The Girafa chairs and table, from Marcenaria Baraúna, attest to the interest in design and architecture that she says she has plenty of.

Alexandre Pernet

More than a decade dedicated to advertising agencies has not been able to give meaning to the life of economist Alexandre Pernet. He was lucky to have known how to enjoy leisure time in the company of friends he met weekly for dinner in his apartment. The meetings, dubbed Soul Kitchen in reference to the Fatih Akin film, gained work status when Pernet’s mother (a handful of cooks) suggested that he take what he was doing for pleasure seriously. “I thought: is it? Soul Kitchen was a hobby; work, for me, has always been associated with the badge. ” Only, at that point, group meetings no longer fit at home and were already taking place at a neighboring bar. Since then, events have taken shape, new formats, guest chefs, partner companies and, more recently, a headquarters, the Soul Kitchen Lab. And they have become a way of life for Pernet and the partners, who see themselves as an incubator of projects that revolve around food. 

Kitchen decor: 10 environments that dared in colors

The most affectionate atmosphere in the house is also perfect for vibrant tones. And one thing is for sure: the total white should be left out of the new kitchens for some time – as you can read in our trend dossier 2016 . Below, we give 10 examples of environments with bold colors and full of good taste. 

1. Black and basic

When it comes to renovating her kitchen, Nina Holst chose to dare and, even so, bet on minimalism. The result is a completely black kitchen, formed by straight lines, cabinets with hidden handles, and a golden faucet. The super basic accessories complete the ambiance.

2. Green and rustic

A green and calm atmosphere dominates the 1950s furniture-filled townhouse, home of gallery owners Matthew Wood and Pedro Mendes in São Paulo. In the kitchen, the atmosphere is no different: the wood, applied in the cabinets, gives a rustic touch to the environment. And if the coating in a dark and aged version that fills the wall completes such an effect, the geometric floor appears as a delicate contrast. The exposed metallic beam, painted purple, gives a modern touch. Finally, the accessories: table and chairs signed by Carlo Hauner and ceiling lamp by Angelo Lelli.

3. Red and industrial

Kitchen decor: 10 environments that dared the colors (Photo: Reproduction)

The concept of the environment above was born inspired by the emblematic installation Desvio para o Vermelho, by artist Cildo Meireles, composed of three rooms with a vast – and surprising! – monochrome collection of objects. Knowing their client’s admiration for Cildo’s work, the architects of Casa 14 Arquitetura decided to pay homage to the work in the kitchen. The red then assumed the role of the protagonist in the integrated environment, covering from the bench and cabinets to the cobogó. To reinforce the authenticity and the urban climate of the project, the professionals peeled the wall, leaving the concrete of the elevator box visible.

4. Orange and contemporary

Kitchen decor: 10 environments that dared the colors (Photo: Reproduction)

The daring kitchen, part of an old apartment full of gold objects, in São Paulo, brings great decorating ideas. The vintage wooden bench, rejuvenated by black paint, makes a double contrast with the orange tiles over the sink. In addition to adding contemporaneity to the environment, the gray wall receives relics from various eras, which mix with stripping. To top it off, under the table and chairs typical of the 1950s, the tile floor, which reveals the ancient division of the rooms, shows itself without fear, becoming a stylistic feature.

5. Light blue and retro

Kitchen decor: 10 environments that dared the colors (Photo: Reproduction)

This planned kitchen created by the Swedish Ikea is a great example of how colors have the power to dictate the atmosphere of an environment. Despite being minimalist, composed of straight lines and furniture without many details, the baby blue chosen for the upper cabinets immediately rescues the vintage aesthetic of the kitchens of the past.

6. Gray and elegant

Kitchen decor: 10 environments that dared the colors (Photo: Reproduction)

This space, created by Tom Ferguson, is a great example of how unusual tones and textures for him can result in a very sober and elegant mood. While the cabinets are sporting the opulence of black, the floor parades with natural wood. The Victorian moldings on the ceiling are a counterpoint to the straight lines of current furniture.

7. Yellow and vintage

Kitchen decor: 10 environments that dared the colors (Photo: Reproduction)

A common element, applied in an unexpected way, stands out in the kitchen of Australian designer Katie Graham’s residence. The mentioned item is the subway tile, which appears in the vertical version. The choice brings the energy of yellow to the predominantly white space – and inspires the replication of the same shade in a strip of masonry and in the pendant lamp. In addition to the cabinets, which display delicate diagonal cracks in their doors, the loose furniture also uses white and light wood, thus creating a breather, which prevents the yellow from weighing on the whole.

8. Blue and modern

Kitchen decor: 10 environments that dared the colors (Photo: Reproduction)

A dark blue appears in the decoration of this kitchen, created by Mandarin Stone. But who steals the show in the details are the stones that create a mosaic and form an interesting contrast with the painting on the wall. Only a luminaire with copper painted socket, flowers and colored glass appear as accessories for a striking and delicate combination.

9. Light green and nostalgic

Kitchen decor: 10 environments that dared the colors (Photo: Reproduction)

Cabinets are an inherent part of a functional kitchen, and in the environment above, they are also the focus of all attention. The green tone is a great option to decorate a dry space without exaggeration, and the handles with different shapes are responsible for the playful touch. The tiles, which avoid prints, invest in the same tone, creating a feeling of spaciousness. Fun utensils complete the decor.

10. Pink and in trend

Kitchen decor: 10 environments that dared the colors (Photo: Reproduction)

Retro, but escaping the obvious – this was the goal of architect Andrea Murao when designing the kitchen design. The environment is based on two soft colors, one similar to the Rose Quartz, elected in 2016 elected by the Pantone Institute. The pink covers the walls and gives a charming touch to receive a grayish beige that strolls through the lacquer cabinets, doors and reaches the strip of tiles that covers the wet area. The benches have a white marmoglass and the floor has rustic porcelain tiles. The final touch is on the crockery and vintage objects.

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