Special: 13 different white kitchens


Some say that in order to have an interesting kitchen, it is necessary to leave white behind, a tone that has long prevailed as a solution for the room. But what people forget is that such a decoration strategy is sure to achieve a light, unpretentious, and very cozy atmosphere. Casa Vogue made a selection of environments that use total white  – or the predominance of it -, with style tricks capable of making the lack of color more radiant than a rainbow. To learn more about each one, click on the photos or titles below!

Beautiful white kitchen (Photo: reprodu)

Industrial minimalism

The industrial aesthetic , which is very high, gains lightness by incorporating the white of this minimalist kitchen. The cabinets (which have some natural wooden doors) and the table appear in simple and straight lines; a beautiful contrast to the rustic texture of the wall. The classic chairs made by the Eames couple and the pendant lamps are in charge of adding charm and personality.

Beautiful white kitchen (Photo: reprodu)

Rustic perfume

The wood appears again to evoke pleasant memories of a farm kitchen. With natural texture only on the parquet floor and table, it shares space with traditional cabinets full of details, square tiles, a sideboard with exposed shelves and unexpected factory fixtures, all of which appear covered in white.

Beautiful white kitchen (Photo: reprodu)

The vintage shine of copper

Here, elegant cabinets and shelves make room for appliances and accessories to shine even more in the cleanroom. The stove, the hood, the pots, and even some glasses show their retro shapes in bronze color, another hit of decoration in recent years. The result could not be better. While white guarantees serenity, metal tempers boldness.

Beautiful white kitchen (Photo: reprodu)

Contrasting details

The white tones that form the floor, the minimalist countertop, and the square tile wall, each in a different style, make room for some high contrast points that inject drama into the environment. Luminaires typically used in the outdoor area were installed there to cast an unexpected light over the sink (which is golden!) And break the visual homogeneity with their black bodies. The coffee maker, oven, cooktop, and grill at the top of the room follow the same color.

Beautiful white kitchen (Photo: reprodu)

Silver surfaces

A certain air of futurism is installed in the above environment thanks to the silver profusion. In addition to being present in stainless steel appliances and some accessories, the metallic shine appears in the inserts that cover the wall. A scream of daring that becomes even stronger beside the transparent pendant lamps. 

Beautiful white kitchen (Photo: reprodu)

Marble, wood and design

The natural texture of the wood in some places appears, this time, for another purpose. As the chairs bring contemporary lines, the material adds sophistication to the clean kitchen. This effect is maximized thanks to a triad of elements that is practically synonymous with luxury: the Saarinen table, the panel with large marble stones, and the mother of pearl chandelier. To top it off, the industrial lamp and the clear faucet in the sink make the space even cooler.

Beautiful white kitchen (Photo: reprodu)

Unexpected marble

The combo formed by natural wood, laminated surfaces, minimalist cabinets, and retro appliances takes on a new face when placed next to the chosen flooring for this kitchen. Hexagonal inserts are already strong enough in their original version. When made of marble, they become almost works of art. In addition, a sculptural lamp hangs from the ceiling.

Beautiful white kitchen (Photo: reprodu)

Marble blocks

The phrase “less is more” can be attributed, without removing or putting, to the kitchen above. But it is a sophisticated minimalism, with noble materials very well chosen. The structure of the space appears to be formed by blocks of marble and wood that fit together to achieve elegance.

Beautiful white kitchen (Photo: reprodu)

Mix of hits of the moment

Let the lover of the décor throw the first stone who never wanted the elements of the environment above. Subway tiles, demolition wooden countertops, industrial items, and vintage furniture come together in a unique combination. White jugs and jars increase the feeling of lightness.

Beautiful white kitchen (Photo: reprodu)

Marble and lacquer

Who would have thought that the gloss of the lacquer would go so well with the natural boldness of marble? In the kitchen above, success was achieved thanks to the mixture of textures. To top it off, there are still light wood and metallic luster, both chosen to not compromise the light climate of the decoration.

Beautiful white kitchen (Photo: reprodu)

Colorful objects

White from floor to ceiling, the kitchen in the image takes place on this list thanks to the organization of objects and accessories. Gathered in monochromatic blocks, they create an interesting and cheerful visual game.

Beautiful white kitchen (Photo: reprodu)

Vintage and green additions

On a white base, contrasting elements have been added that match very well. To store the dishes, a vintage cabinet with elaborate curves was chosen. The minimalist sink gained the freshness of green and the glow of gold.

Beautiful white kitchen (Photo: reprodu)

Boldness on the floor

Like the previous kitchen, this creation by Rodolphe Parente uses a white background to receive creative flares. Only a white base would be able to accommodate, at the same time, a red marquetry floor and golden architectural details. Bold and very chic!

Top 14: unconventional kitchens

If there is a place that brings people together it is the kitchen . It is around elaborate dishes or not that family and friends get together to share moments of pleasure and joy. We chose the kitchens with the best décor that have already appeared on the Casa Vogue website  . Perhaps one of them does not inspire the reform of yours? Check the list and have a good appetite! 

  (Photo: Gui Gomes)

1. The professional kitchen at home 

The green that takes over the kitchen of Aquavit’s chef, the Danish Simon Lau, do not decorate the environment for anything. The tone was chosen to remember the water that surrounds his house, located in the Cerrado, in Brasilia, and appears in the tablets, in the cabinets, and even in the décor glass. Super equipped, the place meets not only the needs of the resident but also the restaurant run by him, which is at the same address. The modernist-inspired residence was entirely designed by Simon, a passionate confessor of traditional local cuisine and quality design.

  (Photo: Raphael Briest)

2. To have afternoon tea 

As part of a house where many different styles live in harmony, the kitchen of this 420 m² apartment in São Paulo was responsible for giving a traditional and feminine touch to the whole, decorated by Marina Linhares. Integrated into the dining room and therefore decorated in the same shade of green-celadon, the room has been taken in by vintage charm. Above the counter that holds an old-style sink, a shelf displays tea sets that look almost colonial. The idea is to contrast it with the rest of the environments, which have masculine furniture with an oriental accent.

  (Photo: Filippo Bamberghi)

3. Beauty inside and outside the house 

With a stunning view of the Rio de Janeiro landscape, the kitchen in this house designed by architect Gisele Taranto did not need much to be on our list. But to further crown, the room signed pieces such as Mario Bellini’s Moon Bowl, Philippe Starck’s chairs, and the lamp by Ferruccio Laviani, all from Kartell, integrate the décor. Orange sets the tone, but the classic black and white duo also appears here, as in Piero Fornasetti’s dishes, which lend their beauty to the back wall.

  (Photo: Ricardo Labougle)

4. To cook with love 
The chef and owner of the El Celler de Can Roca restaurant, Joan Roca, lives just above his workplace. Below, the kitchen of the establishment – number one in the world – that he controls is ultra hi-tech, but it is at home that he prepares warm meals for the whole family. The kitchen in the residence was decorated by Joan’s wife, Anna, and it displays not only a comfortable decor, with touches of natural materials but also the face of Girona, the Catalan town where it is installed. Space also has a lamp signed by the German Ingo Maurer, customized with sketches of the menu that is served downstairs.

  (Photo: Trevor Tondro / The New York Times)

5. Modern decor in the kitchen 

Hired by Hollywood actor Bradley Darryl Wong to find a solution for his home, taken by the accumulation of objects, architect Jack Wettling created a project that aimed to organize everything in niches and shelves. And the kitchen was no different; even in a leaner space, the room keeps everything in order thanks to the cupboards above and below the large balcony. Its décor follows the theme that takes care of the rest of the loft located on East Fourth Street, in New York, in a modern style, with exposed brick walls and an intoxicating green tone.

  (Photo: Filippo Bamberghi)

6. The room that is always full 

What would be the most frequented environment in a chef’s house? The kitchen, of course. Olivier Anquier’s residence is no different. The décor of the address, which is located in a building from the 1940s, located in Praça da República, in São Paulo, reserves peculiar and interesting mixes, but it is in the place where meals are prepared that everyone wants to be. Open to the dining room, with solid wood counters from old shops, the kitchen also has an unusual contrast: the very modern stoves are right in front of a wall covered with a backlit onyx plate.

  (Photo: Jaime Diaz-Berrio)

7. Beauty in simplicity 

An uncomplicated house in Melbourne, Australia, is an example that even with simple decor the kitchen can become special. In Jessica Liew’s project, concrete, especially black, permeates a large part of the rooms. The material, which in reality has a shade that approaches lead-gray, is what makes the kitchen light and cozy. In addition to the beautiful view of the fish pond, outside the house, the environment is also adorned with a large impact lamp, formed by quartz crystals.

  (Photo: Fernando Louza))

8. The power of colors 

Far from all the ostentation of the fashion world, in São Roque, a city in the interior of São Paulo, is where the CEO of Luminidão, producer of the main Brazilian fashion events, lives. Paulo Borges chose a peaceful and green plot of 6,000 m² to live with his son, Henrique, 7 years old. The kitchen is the exception of the décor of the residence. Everything else is quite uniform, while the place where Paulo usually prepares dishes on the wood stove is covered in part with colorful and bucolic handmade tiles.

  (Photo: Andrew Cammarano)

9. The basic corner of the colorful house 

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design has invested in a vibrant décor to contemplate a triplex located in the neighborhood of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The kitchen is one of the few rooms in the house that maintains certain sobriety. The wooden table and chairs, as well as the light-colored floor, contrast with the three black pendants on the countertop. The atmosphere is combined with the living room, decorated with wooden objects in earth tones, ceramic, and glass.

  (Photo: Maíra Acayaba)

10. Many shades in one place 

Green, blue, violet. The choice of colors that decorate the kitchen – and everything else – in this São Paulo apartment was not random. The project signed by the Superlimão studio, and led by Sergio Cabral, Thiago Rodrigues, Lula Gouveia, and Antonio Carlos Figueira de Mello, who kept an eclectic palette, but very well balanced. The kitchen is the local favorite and was designed so that from there you can see the living and dining rooms, the office, and the home theater. Integrated into it, the laundry comprises many plants and completes the profusion of colors with its fluorine yellow.

  (Photo: Eric Striffler / The New York Times)

11. Comfort in place of luxury  

The summer home of David Schiff, an agent for personalities of the caliber of Eminem and Sienna Miller in New York, has been decorated to keep away any and all reminiscences of Hollywood’s extravagant lifestyle. The kitchen of the residence – which has a design from the 1970s and bears the signature of the architect Tod Williams – for example, has a lot of natural light, simple décor, and details of apparent beams. A result is a place from which it is impossible to say goodbye without difficulty when it is time to return to urban life.

  (Photo: Revor Tondro / The New York Times)

12. Built with four hands 

Graphic designer Jade-Snow Carroll and partner of a construction company, Ian Rasch, built their Massachusetts home from scratch. The address designed by architect Adam Rolston is a mere 27.4 m long rectangle. And it is in the same style that the kitchen follows. With red accents, such as the Tolix chairs and the hanging lamps, the décor is sober and matches the rest of the residence, built on a site that used to house a deteriorated farmhouse.

  (Photo: Fernando Lombardi)

13. Brazilian cuisine 

When he returned to Brazil, after many years of living in Europe, photographer Fernando Lombardi chose the paradisiacal Bahia beach of Trancoso to build his new home. The small plot gave way to an address full of tropical charm and the kitchen could not be left out of this style. Simple materials and rustic finishes exalt the local identity to the maximum. Furniture with an old patina, of popular Brazilian inspiration, shares space with a clutter of objects that he himself likes to define as having tactile memory: a piece of the owners’ history is impregnated in every small detail of the place.

  (Photo: Gabriel Arantes and Leandro Farchi)

14. Toys take over

A soft gray tone was the choice of the architect Anderson Leite to serve as a base in the home of a young doctor who lives in Campinas, in São Paulo. The proposal was to exalt the colorful collection of toy art of the owner, who likes to exercise his compulsion for accumulation. The living and dining room are integrated with the American kitchen, which has walls with a concrete mosaic finish. And Stool One stools, by Konstantin Grcic for Magis, line up next to the bench, with Silestone top.

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