Innovative ideas for custom kitchens

The planned kitchens represent the best in decoration. Achieving a good use of space and exploring refinement and elegance through design, having such a kitchen is a great advantage, each area of ​​the environment is fully utilized, ensuring functionality and organization. 

There are several ways to design a planned kitchen. Adding new colors, textures in the cabinets, embedding the appliances, these and other solutions, help to expand the space and make this environment unique and useful for the daily routine. The furniture can have different types of materials, from the most classic to the most economical, modern, and intelligent, this allows us to leave the most sophisticated environment with a touch of refinement.

In addition to planning the structure of furniture and objects for your kitchen, the space as a whole should be valued. Often, the kitchen’s differential is in the details. Adding colors to the walls, or fun tiles, modern wallpapers, with fun textures and patterns, messing with the lighting in the space or just for the countertop or on the center island, adding decoration elements, are good ways to make your kitchen even more attractive and elegant. 

See in this article, creative ideas, with a sophisticated touch, fun and elegant to add more charm to your planned kitchen!


In this planned kitchen, the furniture in light tones, still guarantees the feeling of spaciousness in the environment. The glass ceiling in the kitchen brings natural light to the environment and in addition, ensures energy savings. During the night the effect is even more beautiful, as it is possible to see the sky, moon and stars, while preparing the meal.

Innovative lighting

In the kitchen, usually the use of cold lamps such as fluorescent lamps, are very common, they help to increase the space and facilitate the visualization of the space. But to add a more modern air to the environment, it is also possible to bring a more elaborate lighting project to the kitchen. In this kitchen designed by the Mexican studio,   Sobrado Ugalde Arquitectos,  the environment receives special lighting, in addition to the basic lighting that a kitchen must have, in this case, with the plaster ceiling lowered with built-in lamps. This project incorporates led lightin yellow, at the bottom of the bench and in the central panel, modernizing and creating an impressive effect. Together, black cabinets and steel appliances make this kitchen even more modern and bold.  


How about adding memories and photos of family and friends to the kitchen panel? Thinking about it, INSPACE’s interior architects , designed for the central panel of this planned kitchen, an intense and creative panel that replaces the kitchen tiles with style. This is a cheerful way to give a more personalized and unique look to a planned kitchen with furniture in more sober and neutral colors. Some decorative elements in colors add even more fun to the environment. 

Wood on wood

A planned kitchen made of wood can bring a pleasant feeling of warmth and spaciousness when used in its most natural form. Use the open shelves and let everything show. This way, the kitchen gains more space and all utensils become visible and easier to cook. Free yourself from the closet doors and have a democratic space and beyond everything current. 


Using colors for the kitchen is a way to give life to the environment and make the food preparation corner stylish, after all cooking in a colorful place, makes us even more excited. The color combination has different tones that are lively and stimulating, which are different from the traditional kitchen. The set of airy cabinets and at the bottom, have a fun block of color that makes this environment even more extravagant with a charming atmosphere. 

Shining balcony

In a modern and dynamic kitchen, bet on furniture that brings energy, with its bold and bold colors. This kitchen has white cabinets and beige walls. To add a special color, to the counter in red in shiny material, you have a strong visual appeal in this environment, exuding style and modernity. Hang everything you can to hang to decorate your kitchen, using hooks for the hanging paneiro, giving an air of gourmet cuisine . This beautiful project is signed by the architect  Ana Lore Burliga Miranda.

Compact and red

Even though the kitchen is small, it can become a sophisticated kitchen with the help of the planned furniture. This well-compacted model has all its items strategically organized to enhance the space around. Disregard the fact that a kitchen has to be in a closed environment, with walls around it, it can gain breadth and facilitate the integration of the environment with the rest of the common areas of the house. 

Modern and sparkling

White kitchen yes, but not everything needs to be monochromatic and without personality. In the design of the Infinity Spaces studio,  this planned kitchen receives a modern tile finish in sparkling color on the front wall, which generates a very sophisticated and impacting effect transforming the kitchen decor.

Wood panel

This more compact kitchen, innovates in the version with full wooden panel and integrates with the dining room environment with a lot of discretion and contemporary design style  . Here all objects and appliances are stored in the slatted wooden doors on the sides and in the built-in cabinets, with great refinement and sophistication.

Dark tones

The idea of ​​creating an environment with strong color, was ideal for this L-shaped kitchen , the dark colors of the furniture, made the space more cozy and very elegant. In this  classic kitchen, the dark tone of the furniture does not overshadow the beauty and refinement of the details, which goes from the glass doors of the cabinets, the elaborate chandelier, and even the floor with worked floors, which impresses and highlights the decor.

Special kitchens: planned and beautiful

A house doesn’t work without a nice kitchen. The good news is that the planned ones left the lack of aseptic personality in the past and gained a lot of charm. Casa Vogue made a selection full of warmth – with attractive lines, colors and materials – of what is most current in this market that keeps renewing itself. And as the details make all the difference, we made two special selections with accessories capable of injecting instant luxury in the warmest environment of the home.

Special kitchens (Photo: Marco Antonio)

Personality is everything
Ruy Ohtake’s project for Ornare, the Gourmand line is made of wood with white satin paint, drawings produced with citrus wood, and Corian countertops. The architect’s trademark, the curved lines on the counters, and benches encourage coexistence (and conversation!), In addition to functioning as decorative elements on the cabinet doors and on the tabletop. Tok & Stok and Doral objects, Elettromec cooktop, and Vitra chairs.

Special kitchens (Photo: Marco Antonio)

Taking advantage of every corner
The technology and quality of German production provide a rational use of space and an impeccable finish in Leicht’s Tocco line, a brand that won the Red Dot Design Award in 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2011. The top cabinets are made of white frosted glass IOS-M and the lower ones, of Esprit gray textured lacquer, below the 12 mm frosted glass countertop. Carrello Bar by Misuraemme, painting by Felipe Morozini, oven by Gaggenau and objects by Benedixt and Riva.

Special kitchens (Photo: Marco Antonio)

Soul of the city
The Urbano kitchen, by the Brazilian brand Moss, bets on straight lines, pure shapes and the personalized application of gradient color on the cabinet doors. The island houses a carved Corian vat. The cabinets have MDP structure, aluminum and glass gates. Wolf cooktop, Franke mixer and objects from Benedixt and Conceito: Firma Casa.

Special kitchens (Photo: Marco Antonio)

Classy materials From Florense, the kitchen equipped with Modern model doors are right in mixing the comfort of the lower cabinets, made of Legno Sega decorative laminate, with the appearance of natural wood, with the elegance of the upper cabinets. These take the painting with marine microtexture. The sobriety of the Caesarstone quartz countertop completes the ensemble. Gorenje cooktop, Franke vat, and mixer and Doral objects.

Special kitchens (Photo: Marco Antonio)

Everything in one place
Multifunctionality defines the set signed by architect Gabriele Poletto for Dell Anno. There is space for cooking and also for eating – the contrast of colors marks the division of functions. The dining table, made of Cinex’s Acidato Tangerine glass, stands out for its radiant hue, while the rest of the island has a 12 mm Piano Zaffiro Acidato Carbone glass top, also from Cinex, and a lacquered wooden body. The shelves and overhead cabinets are made of Satin Color and Color Shine Grigio lacquer. Smeg cooktop and Barazza vat.

Special kitchens (Photo: Marco Antonio)

Subtle textures
A sophisticated mix of materials – and therefore textures. This is the proposal of the kitchen of Kitchens. In the upper cabinet, fronts of natural stone laminate Ash Blaenau and the body of PB Summit Gray match well with the lower cabinets, which have fronts of frosted Papaya glass and aluminum profile. Finishing the ensamble , top by Corian Suede, Kitchens hood and Grohe tap.

Special kitchens (Photo: Marco Antonio)

Artisanal rescue
The 1956 kitchen of the Vintage line from Marchi Cucine is made of brushed oak, whitened thanks to the finishing with zero gloss technique, able to highlight the natural effect of wood. The design of the brushed and riveted steel hood was inspired by the fairing of an old World War II plane. Chair by L’officcina, by Marchi Cucine, and objects by Doural.

Special kitchens (Photo: Marco Antonio)

Clean and practical
In Artesano’s proposal, the combination of a light woody finish like white doors and countertops is exemplary visual cleanliness. The island’s presence, in turn, brings practicality – the bench can be used as a support or as a table. The tilting doors are made of white glass and the cabinets are made of laminated MDP. Fischer’s cooktop, microwave and oven.

Special kitchens (Photo: Marco Antonio)

Red in harmony
The central counter in bright red, together with the uneven dining table, brings to the kitchen of the Arti line, from Favo, a graphic dynamism that decorates and organizes the environment at the same time. All furniture is made of Rovere Bianco wood and glass. Smeg oven and cooktop and Doural pan.

Special kitchens (Photo: Marco Antonio)

Blue protagonist
The touch of color that is not discreet (on purpose, of course) on the doors and partitions brings energy to the Behaviors collection, a project by Edgar Casagranda Arquitetura for SCA. The materials used include MDF and MDP coated with laminated Malto, Laminate Verde Lago Brilho, Blend and Grafism Orgânico Verde Lago Brilho. The countertop and basin are made by Silestone and the mixer by Rubinettos.

Special kitchens (Photo: Marco Antonio)

For the Brazilian family
The Todeschini Identity collection is inspired by the diversity of Brazilian culture and features a box and structure made of MDP Jangada (wood laminate), high gloss MDF fronts Cajá (yellow paint), extensible brushed aluminum ladder and quartz top TechniStone Crystal Royal. The built-in ovens and the induction cooktop are from Bosch, while the mixer and bowl come from Franke. Objects from Benedixt and Spicy.

Special kitchens (Photo: Marco Antonio)

Fancy surfaces The Milano kitchen, by Capolavoro, has lower cabinets with glass sides and MDF doors with embossed paint. The upper cabinets have an aluminum profile and Cinex doors with white tempered glass. Internally, they are made of MDF with a melamine textile touch coating. Objects from Doural and Empório Juma.

Special kitchens (Photo: Marco Antonio)

Plenty of space
Functional, with a timeless style and particularly large, Bontempo’s kitchen has a worktop with Corian carved tub and Trivialle model doors. The dark areas have Laccato Cacao coating and the light ones, Kashmir melamine. Altero mixer, Spicy fruit bowl and Doural pan.

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