9 Rustic and Wonderful Brick Kitchens

The history that bricks bring with them is long. Back in the Neolithic period, the first farmers used them when there was still no evidence of wood or stone in the buildings.

Since that time, these pieces of clay baked in high temperature ovens have not stopped to accompany the man every time he was willing to build walls. Today we have the freedom to use them for a more rustic and natural aesthetic, making the bricks visible, showing all their texture and characteristic colors. 

In this book of ideas, we have selected several versions of  kitchens where this old material flourishes beautifully, and we bring you so that you have no doubts in applying it in your home.

1. In various details

The variations that the bricks allow in the kitchen are infinite, but when present, they proudly show their particular appearance.

A central island is a perfect excuse for this coating to give color and a rustic look to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

2. Variety

Not all walls in your kitchen need to be the same or should be similar. The variety is the spice, so having a brick wall in sight makes the kitchen so cozy and familiar.

If we add to this the combination with the colors of nature, more vivid, we will have a charming and cozy space.

3. With a field face

A kitchen with exposed brick guarantees that we always feel in a country and intimate atmosphere. It is true that each coating awakens different sensations, and this one, in particular, welcomes us in its simplicity amid the furor of a large city.

4. Equipped

It is not true that exposed bricks can only be combined with other rustic materials such as wood and stone. On the contrary, stainless steel, metal in general and even more modern surfaces enhance the characteristics of the brick as a coating.

5. Rustic wall

There are different ways to use the bricks in order to obtain different effects. Its tone, when kept the original, is quite striking and can define the location. Other times the texture, with its own irregularities, gives a rustic and raw touch.

6. Combinations

When deciding on a brick wall in our kitchen, we must think carefully about the cabinets and other furniture that will be present.

Generally, the reddish tones, typical of this coating, have a strong chromatic charge that is possible to soften with dark gray or black furniture.

7. With oven

Finally, a very rural exponent of a kitchen for our day. Here you can taste all the traditional of a country setting in the middle of the city. That is why there could not be a wood oven lined with bricks to acclimate the place.

8. Grayish

Brick cladding does not always need to be reddish in color. In this case, the gray of the grout was well mixed with the bricks, giving a more grayish color to the walls and countertops.

9. Nothing rustic

This outdoor kitchen design shows that walls with exposed brick do not always have to be rustic. The cladding was combined with clear and clean furniture, with marble countertops, giving another look to the environment.

8 kitchens with exposed brick to inspire you

The exposed brick, popularly called brick, continues to be one of the most widely used coating materials in Brazilian homes. Traditionally used as a structural element, nowadays it is very common to see the brick as a  decoration in the internal rooms of houses, for example, in the living rooms and even in bathrooms and kitchens.

One of the advantages of this material, compared to other coatings, is its low cost. In addition, the brick brings a very versatile aesthetic since the combination with other materials such as wood, tile, and painting allows for beautiful results, thus being a perfect covering for those who identify with the relaxed rustic style. Another advantageous aspect is the variety of finishing options since you can receive a whitewashed painting, a varnish hand, or no finish at all.

1. No finishing

Here we see the unpainted and uncoated brick version. The result is modern that combines very well with the dark gray tone of the chosen furniture. This project also highlights the effect of shadows on the wall thanks to the characteristic texture of the material.

2. Style game

This kitchen made by Zoom Urbanismo Arquitetura e Design shows how the brick is not only versatile in combination with other materials but also in combination with vibrant colors, such as yellow.

3. Neutral effect

Another way to use the brick in your kitchen is with a white paste between one piece and another. The combination was perfect since the white of the furniture meant that the brick did not gain so much prominence. This is a great example for anyone looking for a more neutral style as an end result.

4. Like dark tones

Depending on the varnish used, it is possible to leave the brick with a darker tone, like the one we see on the wall of this bench. This option is perfect when the kitchen has a  more austere modern style.

5. Know how to choose where to use the brick

It is very important to be sure of exactly where you want to use this coating. For those who prefer the countertop wall, where we usually concentrate most of the activities carried out in the kitchen, to be covered with a more traditional material such as tile, but still want to give the rustic touch with the use of brick, the option is to cover the wall opposite.

6. A detail on the wall

Another option to leave the brick in sight is to cover only part of the wall and leave a detail on display like what we see here in this beautiful kitchen.

7. Whitewashed paint or white paint

The effect of painting the brick with a light color is very elegant, it softens the presence of this material without completely erasing it, since the environment gains a lot with the effect of its textures.

8. On all walls

Choosing to leave all the walls with brick is also a great option. This kitchen has an authentic and very cozy rustic feel that combines very well with the variety of colors and materials used.

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