Kitchen cabinet colors that are on the rise

From dark green to candy colors, color trends for kitchen cabinets are irresistible.

Did you want to change the decor of the house a little? Already know: changing the colors for kitchen cabinet completely transforms the atmosphere of your home. After all, this environment is the heart of everything. If he centralizes his activities, he also does it with style, right?

This history of white cuisine is in the past. Today, it is possible to add a little color to the environment and make it more contemporary. Colored tones can appear on decorative objects, on walls or even in cabinets.

Brightly colored kitchen cabinets are on the rise, as is the case with yellow. The light and delicate tones also have space in the interior design area, as is the case with the candy color palette. Another idea to end the monotony of white walls is the dark-colored cabinets.

Trends for kitchen cabinets

Once you decide to change the color of the kitchen cabinets , you just need to choose the exact shade for you. To choose, consider a few things:

  1. The size of your kitchen: if you have a kitchen with small footage and want to feel spacious, the recommendation is that you always prefer to use softer colors.
  2. The feeling you want to give to the décor: to make the choice, you also need to consider whether you want an environment with a more peaceful atmosphere, with a professional kitchen face or that inspires a lot of comfort to cook with the family, for example.
  3. The visual unity of the kitchen with the rest of the house: especially if you are designing your house now, or conducting a renovation gradually, it is important to think about the overall style of the home. Some colors combine with more traditional environments, others with more rustic or modern spaces – characteristics that are usually shared by all environments.
  4. Your personal taste and favorite colors: this can never be left out! In the end, who will always be in the environment is you, so the essential prerequisite must be your love for the chosen colors,

Knowing this, all that remains is to know what’s up and decide your favorites. between irresistible colors.

Green is a trend!

It may be that one of the reasons why green tones are a big trend in kitchen decor is that they go well with any style! Whether industrial, classic, rustic, or modern, the décor is perfectly complemented by the tones.

The big bet is usually a slightly greyish, almost mossy version. But calm down: we also found forest green!

Deep green is also a darling. Who remembers the green nightwatch? The elegant color was pointed out as a trend and was favored by the interior designers.

Versatility makes green an asset. The nuance is nice in the cabinets, accompanying colored walls in different shades, golden, silver or steel hardware, wood, tiles.

Navy blue and sky blue

Two different sides of the blue spectrum are considered colors for a high kitchen cabinet.

Navy blue, more closed, is a tone very related to concentration and intellectuality. It is full of elegance. Therefore, it is nice in a gourmet kitchen, where more complex dishes will be prepared.

The central island can also be painted in that color. It combines a lot with white marble, reddish wood and golden accessories.

The sky blue is light and peaceful. It is the kind of color that, together with white and light wood, devastates the decor of the beach house!

Color only in the niches

A good trick to bring more color to the kitchen, without betting on colored crockery or many coatings, is to innovate in the niches. Just paint their interior, including the shelves, in a different shade from the cabinets.

Combinations such as green and coral, in very clear nuances. They’re perfect. And the best: you can do it yourself!

Yellow as the sun

Is it a surprise that yellow is one of the big demands of today when it comes to kitchen cabinet colors? The tone is ideal to brighten up the environment – giving that up that is sometimes necessary.

Just be careful not to overdo it. Too yellow, as well as other strong tones, can leave the space a bit overwhelmed. Just remember that, due to the color psychology, in the right measure it is vibrant and heated – but in excess it brings the feeling of anxiety.

Black and white)

B&W is a classic – it never stops being hot. What happens is that at each moment, the duo is more valued in a different location. It is the turn of the kitchens, mainly because black is very well rated as the color of appliances.

It appears in matte versions in the most sophisticated cabinets. However, nothing prevents them from also having a finish that is not matte.

Are you afraid to make the kitchen too dark? Do not hesitate to enjoy the company of white. Paint the upper cabinets in that other color – so you create an illusion of lightness, ensuring that the wall also has the same paint.

As clean kitchens are also extremely popular, the all white kitchen also stands out. The cabinets look impeccable.

Gray is the new black

If black is too dark and white is too bright for you, your option may be gray. The tone became popular with the return of industrial style and cement burned as a coating. After that, he became a subway tile, wallpaper, paint, upholstery and joined the most amazing kitchen cabinet colors.

It is perfect for those who want a modern space, but still have a peaceful atmosphere. They still give the right amount of contrast with lighter shades that can go to walls and floors.

Candy colors

Candy color or pastel tones: these are two names for this trend that always returns. Coloring the cabinets, they leave the kitchen with a romantic appearance. In the ideal way for those who especially like to bake – delicious cakes, sweets and ice cream should leave this place!

The most popular pastel shades are yellow, blue, lilac, pink and green. They can be used together, each in a detail of the décor, or individually. Either way, they are super charming. The candy colors trend is smooth, does not leave the environment heavy and combines with small kitchens .

Two-color kitchen cabinets

Why only one, if you can have two? More than one, using two colors for kitchen cabinets is in vogue at the moment. The combinations can be made among other shades that are already in trend, or just be pairs that look good together and you like it.

Among the options, you can, for example, combine gray and white, blue and white, black and gray, black and wood, eggplant and white.

Use your imagination to choose from your favorites. The master trick is to use paint samples or finishes if the cabinets are ordered new. Place them side by side and make a matching game until you find the one you like best.

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