Planned kitchens 2020: prices, models

Learn all about the planned kitchens and the main advantages of working with this type of furniture. Check projects, prices and more.

In 2020, there are different models of kitchen planned on the rise, which innovate with regard to colors, materials and technologies. This type of furniture represents a great option for those who are assembling the house and looking for tailor-made solutions.

The planned kitchens are modern, functional and have furniture that adapts to the size of the environment. In other words, furniture is used that standardizes the room and adapts to the needs of those who live in the property.

Designing a kitchen with custom furniture offers many advantages to residents. Among the main ones, it is worth highlighting the use of space without compromising circulation. It is also possible to personalize more easily, choosing the materials of the structure, the colors, the covering and the types of hardware.

To choose the best-planned kitchen, it is necessary to consider the limitations of the residence and the habits of the residents. Based on this information it will be possible to organize the furniture and appliances in the room. If the family has many household items, for example, it will be necessary to install a cabinet with more doors. If it is common to have quick snacks during the day, then the bench cannot be missing from the structure.

To choose the best planned kitchen, it is necessary to consider the limitations of the residence and the habits of the residents. Based on this information it will be possible to organize the furniture and appliances in the room. If the family has many household items, for example, it will be necessary to install a cabinet with more doors. If it is common to have quick snacks during the day, then the bench cannot be missing from the structure.

The planned kitchen stands out from the rest because it has an extremely organized and functional structure. There is an area to store utensils, prepare food and wash dishes. The positions and heights are always adapted to the needs of the customers.

Planned black and stainless steel kitchen.

In the market, it is possible to find several models of planned kitchens, which differ in relation to the colors, materials and listed elements. The choice of the best furniture is made according to the space available.

Small planned kitchen

Small planned kitchen

If the kitchen has little space, then it is worth designing the sink together with the countertop, installing it between the stove and the refrigerator. The arrangement must be made in a straight line and taking advantage of the walls to install the cabinets, which must go from floor to ceiling.

It is also very important to be concerned with the colors of the planned furniture. The ideal is always to work with monochromatic pieces that value light and neutral tones, as is the case with white. This care promises to provoke a feeling of spaciousness in the small environment.

White cabinets in the planned kitchen.

Linear planned kitchen

If the kitchen is long and narrow, it is best to install linear planned furniture, that is, with all its components aligned on the same side. If space is available in the room, the project can work with two parallel walls, including the sink, countertop and stove in front of the refrigerator.

Beige linear planned kitchen
Linear planned wooden kitchen

U-shaped kitchen

If the kitchen is shaped like a U, it is possible to create a functional triangle by arranging the planned furniture. The sink should be on the wall perpendicular to the stove and the refrigerator can be installed on the wall opposite the stove.

U-shaped kitchen with many drawers.
U-shaped furniture for large kitchen.

Planned L-shaped kitchen

The L-shaped structure is considered extremely practical and allows you to make the best use of the space. This kitchen model allows you to place the refrigerator in a corner, however the sink and stove are positioned at the opposite end. A dining bench can also be incorporated into the room, completing the “L”.

Black and beige planned kitchen with L-shaped furniture.
L-shaped kitchen design

Planned kitchen with island

In the case of a spacious kitchen, it is possible to include more components in the furniture, in addition to what has already been mentioned. The central island with cooktop and hood, for example, is a great option to take advantage of the area available in the center of the environment. This same structure can have a sink and a bench for meals.

The kitchen with an island is perfect to improve the coexistence between the residents, after all, everyone can stay talking at the table while the meal is prepared.

Modern kitchen with island.
Beige kitchen with central island.
All white kitchen with island and cooktop.

Top brands

See below the planned furniture of the main brands for sale in Brazil:


Todeschini has a complete line of furniture designed for the kitchen. With each new collection, the brand manages to surprise consumers with attributes of modernity and sophistication. With stores across the country, Todeschini develops its own projects, but also works collaboratively with its customers to plan wonderful kitchens.

Todeschini’s planned furniture has a contemporary design, usually with straight and clean lines. There is a concern with working with quality materials and valuing the main decoration trends. Here are some options for planned kitchens:

Green and beige kitchen.
All white and minimalist kitchen
Kitchen with wooden tones.
Large kitchen with planned furniture.
Kitchen with two built-in ovens.
Kitchen mixes burgundy and black.
Yellow planned kitchen with open shelves.


Another brand that has become a reference in the market is Itatiaia, with its simple and functional kitchens. The furniture is not as sophisticated as Todeschini’s, but the result in the decoration is very beautiful and harmonious. The consumer is free to make his own kitchen, choosing the modules, colors and layout. See some models:

Itatiaia simple cuisine.


If you are looking for beautiful and sophisticated cuisine, then be sure to get to know Italínea models. The brand is responsible for planning incredible environments, ideal for cooking and talking. Check out:

Italian kitchen with beige and red furniture.
Italian kitchen with large drawers.
Italian kitchen design with wooden furniture.
Italian white linear kitchen


Favorita is one of the largest and most modern brands of planned furniture in Latin America. The kitchens are manufactured with quality materials and fit the main interior design trends. Among the planned environments, it is worth mentioning Tuscany, Napoli, Kaleidoscop, Granada and Abruzzo. See images:

Favorite gray planned kitchen
Favorite modern kitchen with central island.
Favorite kitchen with light gray and red furniture.
Favorite kitchen purple and white.
Favorite kitchen black and brown.


Make your kitchen more beautiful and modern with Criare’s planned furniture. There are many project options, which can be customized according to the preferences of the residents.

Kitchen Create with custom furniture.
Kitchen Create red, white and black.
Kitchen Create in neutral colors so you don't get sick.

Prices of planned kitchens

Many people dream of having a planned kitchen, but end up giving up that dream for fear of the price. Of course, the planned furniture is more expensive, but the investment is worth it for those who have their own house or apartment.

The prices of planned kitchens vary according to the furniture manufacturer and the characteristics of the project. In any case, it is worth mentioning that there are ranges of values ​​for classes A, B and C.

A planned kitchen complete with furniture, appliances, plumbing and electrical installations, costs from R $ 8 thousand to R $ 20 thousand. Of course, there are cheaper versions, which are made of steel and do not result from a planned joinery.

In any case, if you want to install planned furniture in the kitchen, contact a specialized company and ask for a quote.

Planned kitchen tips

Those who invest in a planned kitchen can make the room more functional and organized. Furniture usually consists of cabinets, countertops, drawers with dividers and shelves. To set up a good project, several factors need to be taken into account, such as the number of residents and the size of the kitchen.

– If the kitchen has little space, try using cabinets with sliding doors and check if the circulation in the room is favorable.

– Install the kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling, so that you can make the most of the vertical space in the best way possible and avoid the accumulation of dirt.

– If the project wants to make the kitchen more functional, then it is worth installing the electric drawers, which open automatically and quietly. The inside of each drawer can have an LED strip for easy lighting.

– Consider the project specifications and check if they are included in the contract. Did you choose MDF or MDP sheets? What measure will each piece have? What are the specifications of the hinges, handles and other accessories? All of this needs to be defined before finalizing the acquisition.

Trends for planned kitchens
Modern planned kitchen with black furniture
  • The American kitchen continues to rise, promoting integration with the living room or dining room.
  • The minimalist style , where less is more, is on the rise. Therefore, bet on a layout with few elements and hygienic.
  • Did your kitchen look very cold? Use colors, decorative objects and even colorful chairs to break the monotony
  • Try replacing granite or marble countertops with laminates. This countertop model is versatile, inexpensive and allows you to customize the kitchen.
  • Small planned kitchens should be designed with a view to improving the functionality of the layout.
  • To enhance the planned kitchen furniture, bet on plaster spots.
  • Neutral and woody tones are on the rise when it comes to planned joinery.
  • Is your kitchen too small? Ask the architect to plan a table integrated with the bench.
  • Sober tones and straight lines should be valued in the project.
  • Central island is an undeniable trend for this year. It can increase the functionality of the room and provide extra storage. It is also an interesting area for quick meals.
  • Green is a hot color abroad and, little by little, it should become a trend in Brazil. Looking dramatic and luxurious, he looks on countertops and cabinets.
  • Customized storage! Compact kitchens need this multifunctional solution.
  • With the end of the decade of 2010, white is no longer used in the planned kitchen project. A color that has everything to conquer Brazilian houses is gray.
  • The blue kitchen cabinets have everything this season and promise to leave the environment with more personality.

Inspiring Kitchen Photos

Still don’t know how to design your kitchen? See the pictures below and get inspired:

Kitchen with functional layout
Integrated and modern environments
Planned kitchen integrated with the living room
Black planned kitchen with center island
Modern and adaptable furniture

There are many kitchen options planned for 2020, but it is always feasible to talk to an interior architect to put together the best project. Present your ideas to the professional and explain what your needs are.

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