Kitchen remodeling at a low cost: see 27 inspiring ideas


Even with little money it is possible to transform the look of the kitchen. Check out tips!

Want to renovate the kitchen while spending little? So know that this is not an impossible mission. To redesign the look of the environment, you do not necessarily need to invest in modern appliances or change the entire coating. Just put some simple, creative and inexpensive ideas into practice.

The kitchen stands out as one of the most important rooms in the house. It is there that the residents eat meals and perform cleaning tasks. To change the look of the space, it is not necessary to face the “break-break” of the renovation or spend on expensive items. The secret is to execute creative and innovative ideas without spending so much money.

Ideas for remodeling kitchen while spending little

Casa e Festa listed some tips for you to renovate your kitchen without spending a lot of money. Check out:

1- Modify cabinets with contact paper

Customized kitchen cabinet with contact paper.

The kitchen cabinet is a fundamental piece of furniture for organizing household items and food. Instead of settling for the standard model, you can customize the part and make it unique.

Try changing the look of the cabinet by applying contact paper, with some strong color or even with a print. This material has the advantage of being inexpensive and works on virtually all types of surfaces.

2 – Finishing with chalkboard paint

Use chalkboard paint in the kitchen decor.

If you follow trends in the area of ​​decoration, you have probably come across a surface painted with chalkboard paint. This product turns anything into a blackboard, including the wall, the cabinet and even the refrigerator.

Producing the slate effect in the kitchen is something cheap and modern, not to mention that it contributes a lot to those who have the habit of writing notes and recipes in this environment of the house.

3 – Change the look of the refrigerator

Personalize the refrigerator with contact paper

Want to do a cheap kitchen makeover? Then consider customizing the refrigerator. This appliance can get a new look in the decoration, you just need to invest in stickers, contact paper, fun magnets or a painting with bright color.

4 – Renew the walls with stickers

Kitchen stickers.

When the kitchen looks tiring and monotonous, the time has come to make a transformation with adhesives. These items can be applied on the walls or even on the tiles, innovating the look of the surface with charm and good taste.

There are many models of adhesives for kitchens available in stores specializing in this segment. They abuse colors and designs, so they can make any corner of the room more fun and full of personality.

Stickers that imitate tiles and simulate household items are perfect for decorating the kitchen. Models with phrases, fruits and retro designs are also welcome to the environment.

5 – Use carpet

Carpet in the area near the kitchen sink.

Changing the entire kitchen floor can be very laborious and expensive, so the best option is to invest in a new rug. Choose a long, beautiful model to cover the area near the sink. The pieces made with sisal fiber are the most appropriate for this type of environment, after all, they dry easily.

6 – PVC rulers

Change the floor with PVC strips.

Are you wanting to say goodbye to the old white kitchen floor? So the tip is to use PVC rulers. This material, which imitates the aesthetics of wood, has low cost and can be glued on the floor in a practical way.

7 – Abuse of colored elements

Kitchen decorated with colorful elements.

Transform the look of your kitchen by investing only indifferent and fun utensils. These pieces are interesting because they abuse strong colors and unusual shapes. Find ways to display items, through shelves or cabinets with glass doors.

8 – Open shelves

Open shelves

When renovating a small kitchen, you should take advantage of every inch of vertical space. One way to do this is by installing open shelves, which serve to display decorative objects and utensils.

9 – Hanging pots

Hanging pots

If your kitchen is lacking cabinets, you can take advantage of the free space on the ceiling to hang pots. The result is a charming and stylish decoration for the environment.

10 -Concrete island

Concrete Island

This kitchen gained a concrete island, which makes the space more modern and increases the functionality of the room. The structure served as support for installing a modern cooktop.

11 – Install a new backsplash

Install a new backsplash

If you want to make a simple kitchen renovation, but with a big impact, the tip is to innovate the backsplash. The area between the hanging cabinets and the sink can have a cozy, modern, rustic or classic finish – it all depends on the residents’ preference.

It is very important to choose a slightly porous material, which adapts well to constant humidity, as is the case with glass tiles and meter bricks.

12 – Change the lighting

Change the kitchen lighting

To highlight the look of the new backsplash, it is worth investing in lighting. You can work with light sources installed under overhead cabinets. The use of LED strips is an easy suggestion to install and does not weigh the budget.

13 – Bet on the storage bottles

Bet on the storage bottles

To make the kitchen beautiful and organized, invest in storage pots. You can use these utensils to store sugar, coffee, rice, beans, flour, among other ingredients.

14 – Paper towel holder

Paper towel holder 

Don’t know where to put the paper towel? Invest in the installation of a support with copper finish. It is a modern choice and does not take up as much space on the wall.

15 – Vegetable garden with fresh herbs

Vegetable garden with fresh herbs

Do you have a free corner in your kitchen? Then take advantage of this space to include a vertical garden. You can set up a small garden with fresh herbs, which will be used when cooking.

16 – Change the handles

Add new handles to old furniture

A tip on how to renovate a kitchen cabinet: replace the old handles with more modern models. There are vintage, minimalist, modern and classic pieces – which value different tastes.

17 – House shelf

Little house shelf

Talk to a cabinetmaker and ask him to build a house-shaped shelf. This stand serves to display your collection of mugs.

18 – Facing bricks

Facing bricks

The exposed bricks leave the kitchen with a more rustic and rural feel.

19 – Storage bottles

Storage bottles

In this creative project, the bottle caps were screwed to the bottom of the overhead cabinet. It’s a very simple idea, but it leaves the kitchen with a new look.

20 – Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style

Take advantage of the white cabinets to leave the decoration with Scandinavian design. Don’t forget that this style calls for neutral tones, simple lines and natural elements.

21 – Table

Chalkboard in the kitchen

Salt shakers, pepper shakers, coffee grinders and mixers are common items in kitchen decor. How about transforming the space with a work of art? The frame can be positioned on a shelf.

22 – Cookbooks

Recipe books

The new kitchen can get a shelf with cookbooks. It’s a charming, different idea that fits in your pocket.

23 – Hooks

Kitchen hooks

If you don’t know how to renovate old kitchen while spending little, the tip is to add some hooks to hang cups and mugs. This idea is a good storage alternative for those who cannot count on many planned cabinets.

24 – Add wallpaper

Wallpaper in the kitchen

Your kitchen deserves another color, another print. For this, it is worth customizing the vertical space with wallpaper. Models with large leaves are on the rise, as are geometric patterns.

25 – Plants

Plants in the kitchen

A revamped environment does not depend only on renovated old kitchen cabinets. You can use plants in the decoration, as is the case of Aloe Vera, Chlorophyte and Aglaonema.

26 – Black and white

Black and white kitchen

This simple and neutral palette creates an airy decor that hardly makes the residents sick.

27 – Furniture from another era

Renovated antique furniture

The decoration with antique furniture totally changes the look of the kitchen and serves to rescue happy memories. You can, for example, paint your grandmother’s old furniture in a different color and define it as the protagonist of the decor.

Different techniques give a new style to used furniture, as is the case with patina.

Now you know how to save on kitchen remodeling without losing style, beauty and functionality. Do you have any other suggestions? Leave a comment.

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