Yellow Kitchen: ideas for composing a modern space


Discover how to make your home decor more alive, with this color full of energy!

When it comes to decoration, the yellow color always ends up generating some doubts, especially in relation to the combination. Because it is a warm color, its presence brings more intensity to any environment. And perhaps this is the great fear of people who think of changing the home decor using this color, since the fears surrounding yellow are precisely linked to its powerful enhancement. See charming ideas for decorating a yellow kitchen.

If you want to have a yellow kitchen , but at the same time you are uncertain (o) because the room is not so big, the ideal is that only a few accessories show the color. This is because, while yellow brings more life to the place, when used in exaggeration, it can also give the feeling of tiredness, causing great visual discomfort.

Now, for the larger spaces, you can dare, highlighting this color on entire walls or even on the tiles.

For superstitious people on duty, according to Feng Shui, because it is linked to gold, yellow is responsible for bringing wealth to the places where it is highlighted. In addition, its association with communication, wisdom and tolerance stimulates the creativity and joy of the environment.

This sunny color is already chosen as the best choice for those looking to give “up” in home decor, or even the office. If you become the preference for many innovative decorating projects, whether, in neutral or saturated tones, your energy is guaranteed.

Ah, did you find the use of yellow in work environments strange? Do not be alarmed, because according to the color psychology besides awakening hunger, yellow can help to develop the ability to concentrate.

Still unsure how to decorate your home using this color?

So relax, because we have separated the best models for you to have a yellow kitchen in style!

Yellow kitchen decorating ideas

Yellow details

If you like details that contrast with the rest of the environment, bet on more saturated appliances or decorative items in yellow color. Ideal for kitchens that pull more towards gray and black, yellow provides that break responsible for bringing more life to the environment, as if it were really a sun filling a rainy day.

Yellow wall

Having a yellow wall is a big step for those who are afraid to dare, but even so, they decided that the right time has come.

If the choice is to leave a single wall in your kitchen in that color, you need to pay attention if the other elements such as cabinets, tables, chairs, and floors are in line with the accent color.

Yellow furniture

Betting on yellow furniture can be a great solution if you want to change your kitchen decor without changing the color of the walls. However, it is worth remembering that in order to be successful in this combination, the contrast between the other colors needs to favor the harmony of the environment. Otherwise, what can happen is real visual pollution.

The woody tones, for example, speak very well with the yellow color, as well as the black, white and gray tones.

What’s up? Did you like the decoration ideas? Do you have any more tips? Leave a comment.

5 Tips for printing retro style in kitchen decor

The atmosphere will be romantic, nostalgic and charming.

Published by Isabella Moretti on 12/03/2018

The retro style in the kitchen decor is a trend that is here to stay. Whoever bets on this reference is able to create a charming environment capable of reliving memories. But how to value vintage and return to the past in every detail of the room? Check out ideas to print this striking style and surprise everyone.

The kitchen is no longer just a place to prepare meals. Today, his role inside the house is to reveal the personality of the residents and increase the living area. There are many ways to decorate this room, such as the use of retro elements.

The retro style has influenced fashion, music and, of course, decoration. Its objective is to resume the trends of other times (from the 1920s to the 1970s). This reference is responsible for making each corner of the house more cozy and nostalgic.

Retro style in kitchen decor: 5 inspiring tips

Casa e Festa separated 5 tips for printing retro style in kitchen decor. Check out:

# 1 – Vintage wallpaper

Wallpaper is not just a decorative element for a living room or bedroom. It has gained prominence in the decoration of other environments in the house, such as the kitchen.

There are many models of kitchen wallpaper with a retro feel. They abuse soft colors and bet on patterns that have everything to do with the environment, as is the case with old tiles, exotic fruits and delicate flowers.

The pattern chosen must match the personality of the cook. If he is passionate about retro style, he can use patterns such as floral, romantic, geometric, striped and even baroque.

When choosing a wallpaper for the kitchen, never forget: in addition to having a beautiful (and appetizing) print, it must also enhance the visual context as a whole, promote well-being, be resistant and washable.

# 2 – Decorative Comics

Decorative comics also manage to make the kitchen look more nostalgic. The pieces with old Coca-Cola advertisements represent a great option to enhance the retro atmosphere.

# 3 – Household items

Every retro kitchen calls for household items that are inspired by the design of the past. This includes coffee maker, toaster, blender, mixer, kettle and pots. Don’t forget also the crockery, such as dishes and cups with floral motifs.

# 4 – Appliances and furniture

The retro-designed refrigerator has some striking features, as is the case with the compact and rounded shape, in addition to the vibrant colors (red, yellow or light blue). The retro design stove also adds to the look of the room, as do the colorful cabinets.

# 5 – Colors

The work with the colors is decisive to leave the kitchen with vintage or retro style. You can bet on the combination of soft and delicate tones (candy colors), as is the case of light pink, baby blue and mint green. These colors create a more romantic and classic space. Therefore, choose a nostalgic palette (considering wallpaper, decorative objects and furniture).

Vintage is not just about light colors. You can bet on more intense tones in your kitchen decor, such as marsala and orange. Surely the environment will look more cheerful and stripped.

What’s up? Ready to print retro style in kitchen decor? Leave a comment.

American kitchens in small apartments: check out tips and ideas

Who said that an “apezinho” can’t have a super charming kitchen? See now.

Looking for American kitchen references in small apartments ? We also love this style of cooking. You will even be able to make better use of the space in your home.

Yeah. In addition to being beautiful, the American kitchen allows you to unleash your creativity and seek a very interesting architecture. This will certainly be your family’s favorite environment. After all, American-style cuisine is practically an invitation to a good conversation between the host and the guests while the meal is being prepared. Get ready for inspiration!

Kitchen suggestions in small apartments

1 – With sink

In this idea, the sink is immediately opposite the wooden top. Look how the environment was used.

While cooking, the visitor can sit on a stool and have a drink. The area encourages socializing, and the pendants collaborate for a special and strategic lighting.

2 – Industrial Style

A good example of the integration between American kitchen decor and the home. We love the industrial style decor and the tiled countertop.

Notice that there is a shelf just above the kitchen cutout. The wood used is the same shade as the sink counter, which makes the environment super harmonious.

The design mix of chairs and benches gives the kitchen a relaxed and modern look.

American kitchens in small, industrial-style apartments are on the rise.

3 – Multifunctional

There would be no other feature more in keeping with the space of this American kitchen. The counter has become a support for the breakfast table or small meals.

You have the necessary food and products on display and on hand while you have your meal or snack. The narrow table takes up little space in the house and does not abuse much of the kitchen or living space.

4 – Rustic and Modern

Full of personality, this American cuisine has combined modern with rustic. Without the details in demolition wood, the environment would be highly clean and bright.

The highlight of the wood made the space more cozy. Do you know that feeling of being warmer? That’s it. He broke the “coldness” of the white.

In terms of use, look at the genius of bringing a wine cellar to the counter. It is very practical to open the wine and serve the guests who are already properly accommodated.

The metal benches whose surface mimics grayish stones give an interesting contrast to the rustic details.

5 – Built-in Design

That is what it means to be integrated with the rest of the apartment. Your American kitchen can use a custom-made shelf for the living room as a countertop,

To choose the right measurements, imagine that the top can be neither too narrow nor too wide. Measure what will be enough for you. If the room is very small, it is not worth taking much of your footage.

+ American kitchen ideas for apartment

Will any of the inspirations be your choice? We confess that we were in doubt as to what is our favorite idea of ​​American kitchens in small apartments.

Share the suggestions!

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