Simple Kitchen: complete guide with tips and decorating ideas


Learn practical decorating tips to make your kitchen amazing!

Without a doubt, the kitchen is that special corner of the house. She gathers her family at the end of the day to strengthen ties and accommodates friends with affection. A simple and beautiful kitchen is all you need to have the perfect environment. The ideal is to create a cozy, functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

And it is not at all difficult to do this in an economical and practical way. This is what you will see in this guide that we have prepared for you.

Simple Kitchen without Cabinets

1 – Everything at Hand

The proposal to have dishes always at hand is very interesting. In addition to practicality, it is undeniable that the view of plates, cups and bowls gives an air of “home” to a residence. Do you know what home looks like? That’s right.

The tip is excellent for those who need custom furniture , but want to spend little on a renovation. Without cabinets and doors, you can opt for sturdy shelves that match the kitchen decor.

2 – Niches

The use of niches also helps both in terms of economy and convenience. The difference of these shelves in different formats is that they contribute to a more modern look.

You can also consider the possibility of using creativity when placing kitchen products as an advantage. It is possible to add items not only at the core, but at the top as well.

3 – Hanging Mugs

Look at the charm of the old style hanging mugs! The retro decor is a trend that blends nicely with kitchens.

You will only need metal hooks to hang cute mugs on a reinforced horizontal frame. The result is not knowing if the decor was purposeful or just simply looking so beautiful without meaning to.

An idea to have a kitchen full of personality is to bet on colors. Vibrant, pastel tones, tone on tone. You choose.

4 – Metal Bookcase

A very easy item to get is a bookcase with a metal frame. In an unpretentious way, she gains space in the kitchen and her heart.

You will find that its function goes beyond storing utensils and groceries. It is quite a help to decorate the environment .

Separate that painting that had nowhere to put, an old clock or a flower arrangement (or all together!).

5 – Fair Cases

Another good tip is to reuse fair cases in kitchen decor . The idea of ​​recycling is an additional motivation and, still, economical. You contribute to the planet and the pocket.

In the same hand as the crates, the pallets can also be used. They are raw material for making boxes and other objects. Pallets (or pallets) are fashionable when it comes to creative furniture.

Important tips for using crates:

  • Check that the crate is in good condition. The wood used is of low quality. The ideal crate is the one that proves to be firm and support kitchen materials.
  • You can give coats of paint and waterproof with varnish to ensure greater durability.
  • The fair boxes saw shelves, cabinets, and even countertops. You have complete freedom to stack them or distribute them as you see fit.

6 – Stairs

Stairs and easels are modern and versatile elements to decorate environments. A simple kitchen can have both in place of cupboards or shelves.

With wooden slats, you create the “shelves” that will display the dishes or pots with groceries in a very charming way.

So you already know that there is an incredible use for the old ladder that would be thrown away.

Decoration with Glass Jars

The glass jars (or jam jars) may be used to give a special touch to your kitchen. It may even be a simple kitchen, but without grace it will have nothing.

No silverware hidden in the drawers. Integrate them into the visual of the space.

The same tip applies to non-perishable foods. You will be amazed at how beautiful they will look in the transparent jars.

Decoration with seasoning glasses

Condiments should always be available to spice up family meals. But you can combine efficient storage with beauty.

See what a sensational idea to put a rustic basket with spices and wooden kitchen utensils. The vase with fresh rosemary also gives a pleasant smell to the kitchen.

Notice the harmony of the materials. The predominant colors are brown of wood, green and white.

And make vertical niches like a condiment cellar? May also! To not have too much work, recycle wooden crates .

Wall Sticker

A wall with nothing special gains another face with the application of a vinyl adhesive.

The tile-imitating adhesive, for example, is a true worldwide success.

The vinyl adhesive can be applied to both walls and tiles. The result is perfect! That way, you can effortlessly redesign your kitchen.

The family living space (below) became more pleasant with the thematic sticker. 
He eliminated the monotony of white, creating an unusual focal point.

Simple Kitchen: Countertop Tips

1 – Space

Do you have a small kitchen ? If you like to have breakfast feeling the aroma that comes from it, just invest in a compact table.

This counter has a mini shelf on the side. You can even store products, such as fruits and drinks.

2 – Island

rustic kitchen . The island in the center of the kitchen resembles the interior kitchens. It is also widely used in some countries, such as the United States.

For those who have space left, it is worth having an extra counter to cook.

3 – American Cuisine

The American kitchen model is a darling of those tuned to the news in interior decoration. Versatility makes it easily adaptable to different styles.

Do you want something simple yet modern? The format is right for you.

In homes with little footage, the format becomes a solution. Don’t have room for a dining table? Make an American kitchen and place comfortable stools or chairs.

You can install a countertop against the wall to become the kitchen countertop. A very simple solution to create your American kitchen in a simple way.

Ah! Do not forget to provide a pendant for the bench. Having this lighting focused during meals and snacks makes all the difference.

Ideal Lighting

Beautiful classic chandeliers or signed by today’s designers are many people’s dream, but not the only alternative to having a dream environment.

What do you think of industrial decoration? It is on the rise and can be very simple to run yourself. This style has valued simple pendants, where the main piece is the raw lamp.

And see how fantastic the result is! A kitchen full of charm and personality. Search for references and explore what will be most suitable for your kitchen.

Tip: the pendants look better on a highlight point. Choose the place where you want to attract attention.

Did you like the inspirations for a simple but very beautiful kitchen? What are your favorite suggestions? Share the tips!

Kitchen tablets: tips and ideas on how to use the coating

See 10 ideas to help you choose the perfect tablet for your kitchen!

The pads for the kitchen help a lot at the time of leaving the comfortable and cozy space, of course, beautiful.

If you are looking for the best ideas for kitchen inserts and still haven’t found anything out there, we promise to work hard so that, at the end of the text, some light has appeared in your mind. Modesty aside, our list is incredible!

As kitchen pellets are an extremely personal matter and each woman likes different styles, we decided to make a top 10 with options that vary a lot. Come on:

Kitchen Inserts: TOP 10 ideas

Check it out and then tell us what you think!

1 – Black

Before thinking about which tablet to put in your kitchen, you need to study the rest of the environment. Are the spaces decorated in dark tones? Clear? Is there wood somewhere? The coolest thing of all is to explore contrasts!

So, if there are light walls or furniture, black inserts can do a huge good to the look of your kitchen.

2 – Colored

If you are the type of woman who likes many colors in the environment, brightly colored tablets bring a lot of visual comfort. Look:

3 – Mirror

For environments that are intended to be dynamic, modern and “clean”, kitchen tablets can also be mirrored. It is a simple and very practical way to innovate in decoration.

4 – Patterned tiles

And since we are talking about innovation, patterned tiles give a show in terms of art and minimalism. You can do wonders with these ceramics in your kitchen!

5 – Monochromatic

Monochromatic tablets – different shades of the same color – are also a strong trend for kitchen decoration.

6 – Round

If what you’re looking for are kitchen inserts that run away from the “square” pattern, these round options are irreverent and bring a lot of originality to your home.

7 – Stainless

Similar to mirrored inserts, stainless steel kitchen inserts also work very well in modern, minimalist spaces.

Note that, even with little effort, the stainless steel decoration draws a lot of attention.

8 – Glass

Easy to clean, discreet and very elegant, glass inserts are part of the decor of more and more kitchens around the world. Are beautiful!

9 – Beige

Looking for something simpler? Beige pastilles may be just what you need.

Despite being a color considered discreet, beige, when used well, can give a very authentic tone to your kitchen.

10 – Wide

One of the most elegant options for kitchen inserts on our list, wide inserts can be easily used in modern and clean decorations.

So, what did you think of our top 10 kitchen tablet ideas? Did any of them catch your attention?

If you are still unsure about the topic, just leave a comment below the text. We answer as soon as possible!

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