Planned Kitchens Trends

From differently colored cabinets to rustic woodwork, these are the trends!

There is no environment in the house that sums up the sense of home better than a kitchen. It is the center and, as many say, the heart of the house, where we prepare the best dishes to receive friends and family. That is why the interior architecture of the environment is so important. Find out which kitchen trends are planned!

First, a kitchen needs to be functional. The more practice, the better! That’s where all sorts of organizational elements come in: shelves to keep the most important items handy, enough cupboards to house all the utensils, enough countertops to have preparation space … as far as the stove, sink and refrigerator are located inside of the environment can make the moment of getting your hands dirty easier – or more difficult.

The trends that will dominate kitchens

Only the house does not function only! The design of the kitchen should also make it more beautiful, matching the style of the resident. This is an environment full of choices, such as the most suitable floor covering or the perfect cabinet handles.

Lucky for us, the kitchen trends projected for next year are already foreseen and applied in the projects of many architects. Despite the planned furniture being the joinery, the planned environment needs to be thought of as a whole, from coatings to lighting. Thus, it is possible to get inspired and decide on the next step towards the kitchen of dreams!

Contrasting textures

The first trend to keep an eye is the texture mix. He has invaded some other environments in the house in recent years, but in the next he will dominate the kitchens. The effect can be achieved in several ways. The simplest for planned kitchens is the contrast between a well-polished counter and rustic wooden cabinets with apparent veins.

It is also worth the application of coatings with 3D effect on the walls, contrasting with the joinery. In addition to bringing the latest fashion into the home, they are also a great differentiator to take the kitchen out of sameness.

Rustic furniture

From the textures, we find the next trend: rustic kitchens. This decorative style is known to revolve around coziness. To obtain it, it is important to bet mainly on woods such as walnut and oak in the joinery, which warm up the visual environment. They can be both dark and light, depending on the style of the resident. Ideally, it appears in the cabinets, but it is also present on the floors.

As a covering, we also find stones in different formats. The effect of exposed bricks in prominent places such as the backsplash, wall behind the sink and stove, also draws attention.

Ceramics and pots are on display, whether on counters, hanging or on open shelves. A rustic style kitchen leaves the resident wanting to spend more time in the environment. In a cozy place, it is easy to remember the essence of receiving and the emotional value of preparing food.

Integrated appliances

Remember we talk about function? That’s where home appliances come in. With the increasing frequency with which we find integrated livings, these elements of the kitchen are better disguised by the décor. The trick is ideal to maintain the unity of the decor, leaving the junction of living room and kitchen more elegant. This kitchen trend planned is easy to include in the project: just enjoy the style of the cabinets that the joiner or the contracted store will already make.

Hoods and scrubbers, especially, appear in modern versions that hide in finishes similar to those of cabinets. Despite being popular for a long time, induction cooktops are also well-priced, disguised on countertops.

Pending impact lighting

Another result of the integration is the need to create and define scenarios. The living room, for example, is usually defined by the area of ​​the carpet. In the kitchen and dining room, this dividing role is for lamps. The pendants appear alone or together on islands, benches and tables. Its formats are increasingly capable of defining the entire style of the planned environment. Round and rosé gold, for example, already make the kitchen more romantic! The design of the pendants has more impact than ever.

In addition to defining the space, they serve the purpose of spot lighting. After all, it is more than important to see well when preparing food.

Subway tiles

The bricks inspired by the New York subways are a classic! As they are white, they are versatile. Its use on the kitchen walls creates a base to apply other colors in the decoration to define its style. If used with cabinets designed in candy colors, for example, the kitchen will gain a vintage charm. Combined with gray floors and minimalist or metallic pendant lamps, they bring to the industrial visual environment .

The plaster between the bricks also makes all the difference. White, it goes unnoticed. However, in a greyish version, they create contrast and, in addition, they still disguise the suggestion of the stove and sink areas.

Classic and modern meeting

Unusual combinations will be another kitchen trend planned. It is the case of finding classic and modern references in the same environment. Technology alone already brings modernity to the kitchen. Increasingly, home appliances acquire minimalist designs. Contrary to this movement, residents seek to create kitchens that combine contemporary materials with classic elements. This is the case with boiserie in integrated environments, close to smooth cabinets, or next to marble.


As a texture, concrete is here to stay. The tendency is to use the material previously reserved to relax the leisure environments, such as the living room. Concrete appears as a counter, as it is durable and easy to clean. The only caveat is that, because it is porous, to avoid stains the concrete must be sealed before being used as a surface, with periodic maintenance.

It also appears on the walls, as an effect created from wallpapers, used in the dry areas of the environment, or even paints. Its appearance is minimalist and elegant, ideal for contemporary homes or with industrial touches. It also has the advantage of being easily combined with any other material, from wood to marble.

The colors that will be trending

Several of the kitchen trends planned are centered on colors. We see two main movements: the use of darker tones and the complete opposite, with strong and vibrant colors. Each one focuses on bringing a different feeling, ensuring super-stylish kitchens. It has something for everyone!

Cheerful tones combined

The combination of colors like red and yellow, for example, makes the environment more bright and inviting. Dose these colors with calmer tones, creating visual balance and neutral spaces of decoration. The watchword for this trend is care.

The strong tones together result in environments where it is impossible not to have fun cooking. Are you afraid of getting sick? It is worth leaving the planned cabinets white and betting on the color on the walls and chairs, which can be changed more frequently.

Deep green

As an alternative for those who prefer to pass away from yellow, there is green. The Night Watch shade, a darker version of jade, has already been touted as one of the biggest bets as the color of the year. According to color psychology, green is invigorating and, in a deeper tone like this, calming. Great features for a kitchen, right? To improve, dark green is also part of another trend, this time for the whole house: that of the elegant jewel colors.

matte black

You can’t forget about black! The tone gains strength in the cabinet doors in a matte finish. Accompanied by golden or rosé gold handles, they bring an unparalleled charm to the kitchen. Home appliances are also on the wave. Refrigerator, stove, hood and scrubber appear in sophisticated matte versions.

An all-black kitchen demonstrates, with a lot of personalities, that the resident is not to be trifled with when turning on the stove. On the other hand, the color also allows you to dare in the coatings. To break the neutrality, it is possible to detach the wall of the sink with colored inserts. If the intention is to change the floor, dark wood or tiles with different designs are welcome.

Two colors in the cabinets

It doesn’t matter if you like lighter, stronger, or darker colors: this kitchen trend planned will please everyone. Gone are the days when the kitchens were all white or the cabinets were one color. Now, two different shades in this furniture will be an absolute success. Take advantage of niches, shelves, doors, and countertops to bring a relaxed look to the kitchen using color.

+ Inspirations for your kitchen

What’s up? Did you like to know what’s new in kitchens? Have you already chosen which trends to follow next year? Leave a comment.

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