Kitchen decor: check out 15 trends

Discover how to make your kitchen more modern and functional through decoration trends.

Both Pinterest and the main interior design events have already started announcing trends for kitchen decor in 2019. There are many new features that promise to leave one of the most beloved rooms in the house with a modern, stylish and full of personality.

Anyone tired of decorating the kitchen with white furniture and utensils will be able to invest in dark tones next year. Some styles are also on the rise and influence the layout of the kitchens, such as retro, serendipity, and industrial.

20 Trends for Kitchen Decorating

1 – Vivid colors

Do you want to make your kitchen look more cheerful and modern? So bet on using bright colors when decorating. These tones, colorful and vibrant, can appear not only on furniture, but also on household items, appliances and wall stickers.

Tones like yellow and royal blue are super hot, especially when the goal is to create a decoration inspired by past decades.

Kitchen with orange furniture
Colorful kitchens
Retro styled red kitchen.

2 – The return of retro

The retro kitchen is a great option for nostalgic people, that is, people who like to look for references in the past to compose the decor. She is charming, cheerful and usually rescues elements that were successful between the 50s and 80s.

To enhance the retro style in the kitchen decor, abuse of bright colors, through an old refrigerator or cabinets. The enamelled utensils, the checkered floor and the decorated tiles are also important items to restore the aesthetics of another era.

Retro comics to decorate the kitchen.
The old refrigerator is the highlight of this kitchen.

3 – Total black

Total black is one of the main trends for kitchen decoration in 2019. It determines that black is the new white, therefore, it can be used in different ways when composing the layout of the environment.

The black kitchen has nothing to do with the Adams Family funeral home, quite the opposite. This dark and neutral color is used in the project as a way to make the space more stylish and contemporary.

Total black is a strong trend for kitchen decor
Modern and charming black kitchen.

4 – More gray and less white

People are accustomed to the traditional white cuisine, however, the days are numbered. Everything suggests that, in 2019, gray will be the new bet of decoration. This dark color, as well as black, will be used in order to make the environment more elegant and sophisticated.

Residents can decorate the environment only with shades of gray or bet on the use of a second bright color, such as yellow.

Kitchen decorated in shades of gray.
The coating with burnt cement is on the rise.
Kitchen decorated in light gray.

5 – Island for social interaction

Do you want to fit in with interior design trends while surprising your guests? Then invest in a kitchen with an island. The central island makes the space much more functional, since it brings together in the center of the environment a worktop with a cooktop (or built-in stove), sink and even drawers.

Modern kitchen with island.
Kitchen design with center island.

6 – Serendipity Style

Don’t like dark colors? Do not worry. The Serendipity style can be the perfect solution for your kitchen.

The Serendipity Style has been increasingly acclaimed in the world of decoration. It proposes a minimalist and delicate aesthetic, which abuses light colors and Provencal elements (white porcelain and a vase of flowers in the center of the table, for example).

A serendipity kitchen is usually decorated in pastel colors and small gardens with succulent plants. The presence of natural wood also stands out in the environment, as well as baskets and trays. Everything is clear, charming, and functional.

Light colors prevail in the Serendipity Style.
A clean and light decoration.

7 – Industrial design

The old North American factories can serve as inspiration for setting up a kitchen with industrial design. To enhance this style, it is worth investing in exposed bricks, burnt cement and demolition wood. Add a slate wall to the room, so that it will become more charming and modern.

Kitchen with industrial design.
The industrial style is modern and full of personality.

8 – Rounded shapes

This story of using only straight, well-defined lines is a thing of the past. In 2019, everything indicates that the most modern designs will bet on the combination of dark colors with rounded angles. The result is a more fluid structure, with artistic curves that do not interfere with the circulation of residents in the room.

Rounded center island.
The rounded counter makes the kitchen more inviting.

9 – Spacious kitchen

As small as the kitchen is, residents should look for ways to make it more spacious. One way to do this is to give up some walls and integrate environments.

Integrated kitchen with the living room.
Very spacious kitchen with functional bench.

10 – Electric and lighted drawers

Electric drawers represent one of the 2019 trends for kitchens. They appear in the planned furniture with some interesting characteristics, such as the case of automatic opening and closing. The presence of LED strips in each drawer is responsible for illuminating the interior.


11 – Fresh vegetables

To grow fresh vegetables in the kitchen, nothing better than creating a small vegetable garden. It can be assembled with old vases or containers and then positioned on the windowsill. Another option is to use hanging vases.

Small gardens contribute to the decoration.
Take nature into the kitchen through the plants.

12 – Pendant lamps

The pendant lamps, when installed on the kitchen countertop, are in charge of making the room more modern, receptive and pleasant. You can bet on a model with vibrant color to contrast with a neutral layout.

Pendant lamps on the central kitchen island
Golden pendant lamps in the kitchen.
Kitchen with colorful pendant lamps.

13 – Granilite

Granilite is a coating that was a fever in the 1940s and has returned to success this year. The material has low cost and promises to transform the look of the kitchen wall or countertop with a lot of styles and good taste. The aesthetics of this finish can be multicolored or in pastel colors.

Pink countertop with granilite.
The charm of granilite in a modern kitchen.
Kitchen with granilite on the wall and countertop.

14 – Green color

If you want to escape the traditional kitchens with neutral tones, it is worth betting on the green. The color can appear on the walls, furniture, or on the floor (hydraulic tiles).

Cozinha decorada com tom de verde escuro.
Cozinha verde e moderna.

Cozinha verde é o trend do momento.

15 – Wood + dark tones

Have you considered the possibility of a wooden kitchen? Well, know that this is a trend of the moment. Architects bet on mixing wood with dark finishes, with the aim of making the room more elegant, cozy, and with a contemporary touch.

A combinação de preto com madeira na cozinha funciona.
Cozinha decorada com madeira e tons escuros.

Kitchens with Cooktop: 5 ideas for a planned environment

Check out the article to learn how to enhance your kitchen with a cooktop.

The kitchens with cooktop are the dream of many people who love to cook and welcoming friends. The traditional stove has been replaced by its compact competitor thanks to its practicality and design.

Regarding its power, the cooktop leaves nothing to be desired for the traditional stove. In addition, it perfectly fits the different needs of an environment, be it large or small, modern or classic. See inspirations for your kitchen now .

Kitchen ideas with Ccooktop

1 – A good conversation

A kitchen with air stripped, touches of color and very inviting. As if that were not enough, a table planned around the cooktop .

This tip is especially charming for weekend chefs. Being a good host consists of entertaining and having an interesting chat with the guests.

And the aroma of the food is an addition to this meeting in the kitchen.

2 – Taking advantage of the counter

Did you choose a perfect counter for your kitchen? Made of wood, stone or any other material, it will be exceptional housing your cooktop.

This is a way to enhance the design chosen for the space. The cooktop does not “fight” with any element, on the contrary, it only values ​​and harmonizes the elements.

Just watch this inspiration below. The cooktop is black, while the counter is white. The contrast is super charming.

3 – American bench

Here the proposal is to mix materials. Use stone to support your cooktop and your cooking space. Finally, add glass to make an American countertop .

See how even the wood used in the kitchen lost its traditional air when other materials were incorporated.

The benches give the final touch of personality to the environment.

4 – Colorful cooktop

And when does the stove become the highlight in the kitchen? If you’ve only seen black, white and chrome cooktop so far, it’s worth researching a little more.

Color fans will fall in love with the joyful and fun options. You are one of them? So take your pick!

When the kitchen is dull and you do not want to invest in a complete redesign, renewing some items may be the best option. Then change the stove!

5 – With pallets

Have you thought about mixing the contemporary with the rustic ? The pallets (pallets) are dominating the decoration of the house, and now even invading the kitchen.

The wood brings the warm and cozy feeling of home. The rustic decor is one of the big darlings currently for interiors .

Use and abuse pallets and demolition wood furniture. A counter all made with natural materials is very elegant with a cooktop.

Ah! You can also create a very spacious coupled table to offer refined dinners. The best thing is that all this can be taken into account if you reuse wood that would be discarded.

Did you choose your favorite cooktop kitchens ? Share the inspirations!

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