Antique Kitchen Cabinet: see models and tips to use in decoration

See tips to innovate the look of your kitchen with a beautiful restored antique cabinet.

Looking for ideas for your old kitchen cabinet ? If you want something traditional or modern, we have incredible tips for you.

Several styles perfectly embrace old furniture. It has something for everyone. For those who like vintage, natural, rustic, creative and more. Learn now how to make your kitchen beautiful with an antique cabinet.

5 Ideas to Decorate with Antique Kitchen Cabinet

1 – Vinyl Sticker

Do you have a nice kitchen piece of furniture, but it is torn apart, suffering from the marks of time? A very cool way to reuse it is to use vinyl adhesive.

The colored vinyl coating gives it a more modern and relaxed face. So, you have the benefits of a beautiful and spacious closet. You don’t have to get rid of the furniture.

2 – Pintou, Tá Novo

Your kitchen is already more modern, and you think that a traditional wooden furniture does not fit the decor? You might be surprised to see how sandpaper and paint can give it a new look.

What do you think of blue paint? The tone conveys peace and calm, and the kitchen – if not yet – will become your favorite place in the house!

Another good tip is to replace the rusty or peeled handles with new ones. It is even worth using those balls made of porcelain, printed or not.

3 – Set of the Work

You already have your old cabinet chosen to be the highlight of the vintage / retro kitchen. Okay. He’s already received an ink bath of his choice. Perfect.

So how about putting a finishing touch on that corner? Tile or tile-like stickers fill that space on the wall that will look very special in conjunction with your furniture.

4 – Internal Painting

Do you know those charming details that make all the difference and leave everyone sighing? Yeah. A cabinet in neutral colors or even in natural wood can receive coats of paint inside.

The goal is to offer the surprise factor, when you open the furniture and find shelves and bases that contrast with the kitchen dishes.

5 – Rustic

Farm atmosphere. That perfection made up of the natural wear and tear of use. You can compose the kitchen with an old cabinet without having to remodel it.

Or you can go further: have a piece of furniture painted and use sandpaper to wear it on purpose. The result is the same: a rustic cabinet that will make your environment spectacular.

Combine with metal canninhas, those that give an air of farm and country life, or cups, that complement a retro theme. It is also worth placing vases of succulents in the décor, which will make your furniture even more graceful.

+ Old Kitchen Cabinet Models

Old kitchen cabinets can have elaborate details and soft colors, which enhance the vintage charm. There are also models that bet on bright colors, such as blue and yellow, to reinforce the retro style of the furniture. Check out more models:

These were just a few tips on how to use an old kitchen cabinet in your decor. Use your imagination and create environments and spaces where the furniture will be full of personality and style, just like you!

Kitchen Coatings: Check Models and Decoration Tips

Your kitchen deserves beautiful, functional and trendy interiors.

Are you looking for kitchen coatings tips ? It is possible to totally change the look of the environment with the following inspirations.

Floor covering, walls, choice of furniture, bench. Everything deserves your attention to combine in a beautiful and harmonious way. Check now some ideas and models of coating.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

1 – Nude Wall

A nude wall with a concrete floor is the perfect match in a sophisticated yet simple kitchen. To complete the good taste, the countertop stone can have a neutral tone, as well as the cabinets.

The bright cabinets gave a clean touch to the space. Nude with white is chic and special!

2 – Rustic and Delicate

The impeccable white wall in all its details was incredible with the most rustic floor. The idea of ​​worn flooring is very charming.

The effect of pastel tones is a special gift. If you like neutrals and wanted to bet on color this time, but without leaving the comfort zone too much, try this inspiration.

The tones are delicate and will leave your kitchen cheerful without weighing. The decorating style can be even minimalist, leaving the focus on the beauty of the floor, for example.

3 – Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles are a strong trend in interior decoration. If your goal is to leave your kitchen as the centerpiece of the house, go ahead.

See in the kitchen below how the tile design made all the difference. On a simple white wall, the furniture would not stand out nor the decoration.

With the details of the diamond tile stripes, the space came to life and became extraordinary. Super modern and cool.

4 – 3D coating

High relief, shadow and light effect. All of this makes the 3D coating more amazing.

An interesting place to leave this finish is the table where the family regularly dines. Also a wall located on an American kitchen counter. The idea is to leave good lighting on it.

5 – Apparent Bricks

The exposed brick is another trend that is with everything. Whether raw or painted, it gives a very interesting touch to the wall. The rustic becomes delicate when it receives varnish and coats of color. It will suit your taste and purpose.

This style goes well with the so-called industrial decoration, which is also on the rise.

If you like lamps hanging from wires without much finishing or beautiful chandeliers, if you are interested in metal furniture and with that peeling and old effect, this can be a good tip.

6 – Coatings Mix

Wall stickers that simulate tiles have been a big fever in recent years, and they continue to be well-liked in home decor.

Flooring with tiles, a brick countertop and the colorful wall stickers are an inspiration for how different items can combine or even complement each other.

Did you like the ideas for kitchen coverings? Share the inspirations!

Kitchens with Cooktop: 5 ideas for a planned environment

Check out the article to learn how to enhance your kitchen with a cooktop.

The kitchens with cooktop are the dream of many people who love to cook and welcoming friends. The traditional stove has been replaced by its compact competitor thanks to its practicality and design.

Regarding its power, the cooktop leaves nothing to be desired for the traditional stove. In addition, it perfectly fits the different needs of an environment, be it large or small, modern or classic. See inspirations for your kitchen now .

Kitchen ideas with Ccooktop

1 – A good conversation

A kitchen with air stripped touches of color and very inviting. As if that were not enough, a table planned around the cooktop.

This tip is especially charming for weekend chefs. Being a good host consists of entertaining and having an interesting chat with the guests.

And the aroma of the food is an addition to this meeting in the kitchen.

2 – Taking advantage of the counter

Did you choose a perfect counter for your kitchen? Made of wood, stone or any other material, it will be exceptional housing your cooktop.

This is a way to enhance the design chosen for the space. The cooktop does not “fight” with any element, on the contrary, it only values ​​and harmonizes the elements.

Just watch this inspiration below. The cooktop is black, while the counter is white. The contrast is super charming.

3 – American bench

Here the proposal is to mix materials. Use stone to support your cooktop and your cooking space. Finally, add glass to make an American countertop .

See how even the wood used in the kitchen lost its traditional air when other materials were incorporated.

The benches give the final touch of personality to the environment.

4 – Colorful cooktop

And when does the stove become the highlight in the kitchen? If you’ve only seen black, white and chrome cooktop so far, it’s worth researching a little more.

Color fans will fall in love with the joyful and fun options. You are one of them? So take your pick!

When the kitchen is dull and you do not want to invest in a complete redesign, renewing some items may be the best option. Then change the stove!

5 – With pallets

Have you thought about mixing the contemporary with the rustic ? The pallets (pallets) are dominating the decoration of the house, and now even invading the kitchen.

The wood brings the warm and cozy feeling of home. The rustic decor is one of the big darlings currently for interiors .

Use and abuse pallets and demolition wood furniture. A counter all made with natural materials is very elegant with a cooktop.

Ah! You can also create a very spacious coupled table to offer refined dinners. The best thing is that all this can be taken into account if you reuse wood that would be discarded.

Did you choose your favorite cooktop kitchens ? Share the inspirations!

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