Kitchens with Countertops: Professional Tips and Inspiring Photos

See ideas and expert tips for your kitchen with countertops!

Kitchens with countertops are the consumer dream of many women who are now buying a new house or apartment. And it’s no wonder: when well thought out, the countertops really add a very sophisticated touch to the room.

Very inspired by the so-called “ American kitchens ”, this style of cuisine gives, in addition to sophistication, the notion of a more spacious and comfortable environment. This is because the counter, while separating environments, also integrates them.

Kitchens with countertops are democratic: you can use them in large or small spaces. Are you doubting? Then see how it is possible with our tips and photos from today’s guide!

Check out today’s tips, which are for apartments, houses, large or small spaces:

Match the colors of the furniture with that of the countertop

If your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of space available, a good idea given by interior designers is to try to combine the color of the countertop with the colors of the other furniture.

By doing this you can make a strong impression of integration and continuity of the room.

Spend a lot of time thinking about colors

Do you know when we watch movies and series and see some fantastically well-decorated kitchens? In addition to the well-planned furniture, they have another secret: bold colors!

So if what you want is a modern kitchen, just as important as thinking about the shape and placement of the furniture is to think about its colors. Look for combinations that catch your eye and integrate easily with each other.

Bet on cool stool models

Another secret of kitchens with well thought out countertops is the issue of stools.

At this time, even if you are someone who does not like to draw much attention in decoration, it is worth thinking about different designs and models. Irreverent colors and curves make all the difference.

Use and abuse of decorative objects

If what you want is a personality decoration, some decorative objects can bring a very original tone to your kitchen.

Glass paintings, some wine bottles, mirror galleries, vases with plants … You can combine one or more of these items to achieve the ideal decoration for your room.

In search of perfect lighting

Another thing that we could not fail to address in relation to kitchens with countertops is the issue of lighting. In this regard, as you probably already know, there are countless options – so it is another topic that should be thought about calmly and very lovingly.

If you want to get away from the basics, consider using some light fixtures integrated into the furniture in the room. The idea usually surprises a lot of people!

Plenty of space available? Then you can innovate!

As we already said, kitchens with countertops can be designed for large or small environments.

If in your case there is enough space available, you can also use a counter right in the middle of the room, such as those found in restaurant kitchens.

Besides being beautiful, it is also very practical and functional. Look:

What did you think of our ideas and suggestions on decorating kitchens with countertops?

If you have thought of something that was not discussed here, leave your suggestion in the comments… We are sure that your opinion will help many other readers on the site!

Kitchen cabinet: 10 tips on how to choose yours

The choice of furniture must consider the needs of the environment and the style of decoration.

The kitchen cabinet is the protagonist of the decoration. Its function within the room consists of keeping supplies and utensils organized.

It has been some time since the kitchen stopped being a hidden space inside the house and became an extension of the living area. In this room, residents prepare meals and receive guests. When it comes to furnishing and decorating the space, one of the most important decisions is to define the best cabinet model.

The choice of kitchen cabinet must take into account several factors.

There are several models of kitchen cabinet, which differ with respect to size, price, materials and style. The choice of furniture must take into account the needs of residents and also the other elements that make up the environment.

Buying a closet considering only aesthetics is not enough. The resident needs to choose a piece of furniture proportional to the size of his kitchen and also consider the amount of items that need to be stored.

Tips for choosing kitchen cabinet

To choose a perfect kitchen cabinet, you must consider the furniture that favors the organization and makes everyday activities simpler. We’ve selected some tips for you to make the right decision. Look:

1 – Calculate the budget

Before planning all the kitchen decor, it is necessary to consider the available budget. The closet cannot compromise the entire budget if the room does not have other furniture and appliances.

2 – Consider the position of the sink, refrigerator and stove

It is not always possible to change the position of the sink, stove and refrigerator. This is especially true in apartments, where kitchens are smaller. Therefore, to find the ideal cupboard, consider the measurements of the appliances before defining the room layout.

Consider the layout of appliances and the sink

3 – Understand the function of each space in the kitchen

The refrigerator and the furniture around it take on the function of storage inside the kitchen. The sink is the place where food is prepared, so the countertop must be free. Near the stove must be the essential accessories for cooking.

In a linear kitchen, furniture and appliances are aligned in space. However, if the room has an L-shape, it is very important to install furniture that takes advantage of the corners.

4 – Define the best type of cabinet

If the budget is high, it is worth betting on the purchase of a cabinet designed for the kitchen. This furniture, with contemporary air, is custom-made and takes advantage of every inch of the environment. The planned furniture is favorable especially when the kitchen is small.

The ready cupboard is another furniture option for those who are decorating the kitchen. It is manufactured with popular finishes, materials, and sizes. Its price is usually much more affordable than planned furniture.

Kitchen with planned closet.

5 – Know the measures

The measurements of each piece of furniture must be defined according to the area available in the kitchen. The volume of things that need to be kept should also be taken into account.

There are some measures considered “standard” that facilitate layout planning. The drawers under the sink are on average 60 cm deep and 95 cm high. It is recommended that this furniture does not reach the floor, as this can make cleaning the kitchen more difficult.

Overhead cabinets do not always need to go up to the ceiling, especially when the residents of the house are not so tall. As for the size of the modules, the largest are 70 cm high and the smallest 40 cm. The depth also has a standard measurement of 35 cm.

The distance between the sink and the overhead cabinet should be 60 cm to 70 cm.

6 – Consider the colors

To promote the feeling of spaciousness, it is recommended to include a white cabinet in the decoration. The painting on the walls must also be clear. However, there are other kitchen cabinet colors that are on the rise and deserve to be considered, such as deep green, navy blue, gray, yellow and black and white.

The colorful furniture makes the kitchen look more fun, while the wooden furniture fulfills the role of making the environment look rustic and welcoming.

Colorful kitchen

7 – Choose a material compatible with the need

Kitchen cabinets are usually made, basically, with two types of materials: wood and stainless steel. The first option has the advantage of being durable and allowing for various forms of finishing, however, it is not always able to adapt to a humid environment.

Stainless steel leaves the decor with a more contemporary touch, in addition to offering resistance to the busy kitchen routine.

Those looking for quality when decorating the kitchen should disregard the purchase of a laminated cabinet.

8 – Aim in style

The cabinet chosen to decorate the kitchen needs to be compatible with the style of decoration. For example, if the intention is to create a functional and modern environment, then furniture with many sculpted details is not recommended. In contrast, a renovated antique cabinet looks beautiful in a kitchen with rustic decor.

9 – Prioritize the organization

The cabinet structure must provide conditions for organizing the kitchen. It is essential that the furniture has well-defined compartments, such as shelves, drawers, drawers and niches with doors.

The best kitchen cabinet models are those that feature cabinets with doors or drawers, drawers and overhead modules. See below what to keep in each part of the cabinet:

  • Drawers with greater depth: they serve to store dishes, pots and pans. They are also useful for setting up a food pantry.
  • Drawers: indicated for storing cutlery, tea towels and placemats. To make life easier in the kitchen, they must be positioned close to the stove.
  • Overhead cabinets: indicated for storing plates, glasses, cups and other crockery that must always be at hand. At the top, you can put less used utensils and some decorative objects (but only if the furniture does not reach the ceiling).
  • Vertical cabinets : vertical cabinets are perfect for enjoying every corner of the environment. They are used to store the rest of crockery and small appliances, such as a toaster, coffee maker and sandwich maker.

The basic rule for organizing the kitchen cabinet is to divide the space and store objects in groups.

10 – Consider your situation in the property

If you live in a rented house or apartment, the suggestion is to obtain a model of kitchen cabinet that can be reused later in case of change. In this case, it is not worth investing in planned furniture.

Did you like tips? Was there any doubt about the choice of the ideal kitchen cabinet? Leave a comment.

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