Modern and practical kitchens: 25 ideas to inspire you

Check out contemporary and functional ideas to innovate your home kitchen.

Looking for ideas for modern and practical kitchens ? So you came to the right place. Check out different ways to print modernity in the room and leave it with a charming contemporary air. See also suggestions that make the space much more functional.

The kitchen stands out as one of the most important rooms in the house. It is where residents store food, prepare meals and even receive visits. One way to make this environment unforgettable is to incorporate modern references to compose the layout.

Ideas for modern and practical kitchens

Casa e Festa searched for some inspiring ideas for setting up modern and practical kitchens. Check out:

1 – Central island

One of the best ways to modernize the kitchen is to include a central island. This element, which is in the center of the environment, is perfect for preparing food, storing household items and even making meals.

The central island can be found in different colors and styles. It stands out as a fundamental component for large kitchens and should be avoided in small environments.

2 – Planned furniture

The modern kitchen does not have so many walls, so it is essential to bet on the furniture planned to take advantage of the available space. The pieces that make up the bespoke furniture do not have as many decorative details and bet on more neutral colors. They also value the “perfect fit” with appliances.

3 – Blackboard wall

The kitchen is a type of space that requires notes, such as recipes, shopping lists and notices for other residents. To record this information in a stylish and modern way, it is worth creating a blank wall.

4 – Black is the new white

The use of white in kitchen decor is in the past. The trend now is to include black in the project to make the environment look contemporary. This dark color can appear in cabinets or appliances. Just be careful to create counterpoints with light or bright colors, otherwise the room will be very funeral.

5 – More windows

The kitchen has ceased to be an environment surrounded by four walls for some time. Instead of building these structures, architects recommend prioritizing the windows when designing the room. Only large windows are able to promote ventilation and the entry of natural light.

6 – Minimalism

The minimalist style determines that “less is more”, therefore, it is very important to leave the kitchen looking clean, clean and elegant. Try to decorate the environment with few elements and fight any kind of exaggeration.

7 – Hanging or vertical garden

Have you thought about growing herbs and spices inside the kitchen? Well know that this is possible, just bet on setting up a suspended or vertical garden.

8 – Cooktop

The cooktop is an indispensable element for the modern and small kitchen. It can be installed on the bench or on the central island, in order to replace the traditional floor stove.

9 – Built-in oven

The built-in oven is the ideal choice to equip a planned kitchen. It can be installed inside the countertop or cabinet, without necessarily stealing a usable area.

10 – Smart faucets

You probably have already experienced the uncomfortable feeling of having to wash your hands and not being able to turn on the tap. To make people’s lives more practical, Delta decided to create a differentiated faucet model, which activates or interrupts the water flow with just a touch.

11 – Wallpaper or sticker

Do you want to give the kitchen walls more personality? Then bet on the application of adhesive or wallpaper. It is possible to create fun and colorful compositions with this type of finish.

12 – Pending lighting

The pendant lamp is the highlight in a modern kitchen. It can have a dome with a different shape or bet in bright colors, like yellow and red.

The luminaires can be positioned on the central island or near the sink counter.

13 – Gourmet space

The formal dining room, formerly known as the pantry, is in the past. Now the projects are betting on larger and integrated kitchens, which look more like a gourmet space. This type of environment is perfect for cooking, eating, visiting and chatting.

14 – Bench

To transform the kitchen into a legitimate gourmet space, you can’t leave the countertop out. This element, made with materials like quartz and marble, is perfect for making meals or even chatting with friends.

15 – Different chairs and stools

Do not feel obliged to combine kitchen furniture, quite the opposite, bet on chairs and stools with different colors and shapes. This idea has everything to leave the environment with a more fun and youthful footprint.

16 – Integrated drawers

Betting on integrated drawers is a way to make the kitchen simpler and cleaner. These elements allow you to store all utensils in an organized way and without “filling” the space.

17 – Stainless steel finish

The stainless steel finish stands out as one of the main trends in kitchens 2017. It gives a modern air to the environment, establishing a perfect combination with dark furniture. Therefore, bet on refrigerator, stove and microwave in stainless color.

18 – Mixing of materials

Contemporary projects focus on mixing materials. The combinations are quite unusual and even value rustic finishes, as is the case with the apparent brick.

19 – Vivid colors

The modern kitchen need not limit itself to the combination of black and stainless steel. It can also be decorated with bright and cheerful colors, such as red, royal blue and yellow.

20 – Strategic lighting

Strategic lighting makes all the difference in a modern planned kitchen . Try installing LED in cabinets and drawers. That way, the room will be functional and with a futuristic touch.

21 – Suspended organizer

To be modern, you must dare to choose the elements. Instead of betting on shelves and niches to wait for utensils, try installing a suspended organizer in the kitchen.

22 – Retro elements

Who likes nostalgia can bet on retro elements to compose a modern kitchen. Furniture and appliances that were successful between the 50s and 80s rescue charming references from the past.

23 – Geometric patterns

Are you in doubt about which coating suits your kitchen best? Then bet on tiles and ceramics with geometric patterns. This type of print, especially the hexagonal shapes, leaves the room with a modern look.

24 – Mirrored cabinet

Mirrored furniture is a hit in the decor. After taking over the living room, it was their turn to invade the kitchen. It is a chic, modern choice and perfect for small rooms.

25 – Colored bench

To leave the kitchen modern and with more personality, residents can bet on a colorful counter. They are made with resistant, antibacterial and easy to clean materials. Choose a model with a striking color, that is, that differs from the rest of the room.

What’s up? What did you think of the ideas for modern and practical kitchens ? Leave a comment.

10 Ideas to remodel kitchen cabinet without spending too much

Don’t know what to do with your old kitchen furniture? So, check out 10 cheap and charming ideas to renew the environment.

You can highlight an environment just by choosing the right furniture. But what to do when a piece of furniture is worn out, but it cannot be changed yet, or even when it is a family heirloom? The tip is to learn ideas to remodel kitchen cabinet. And, the best, without spending a lot in this process.

See a collection of tricks to save your decor economically. With just a few adjustments and a lot of imagination it is possible to renew the environment and without having to buy a new part.

Practical tips to remodel kitchen cabinet

If you’re out of ideas to renovate your closet on a budget, these suggestions will help! Often the secret to transforming a room is not to change objects, but to think of ways to use what you already have differently.

It is not always possible to make a planned kitchen. However, just by using colors, removing old parts, or applying a sticker, you already get incredible effects for the environment.

So, follow 10 ways to modify your old furniture using affordable and affordable items.

1- Paint your kitchen cabinet

Gray painted kitchen cabinet
Blue painted kitchen cabinet
Yellow kitchen cabinet

The easiest and most economical way to renovate is using paint and a brush. So choose a new color for your closet and start painting. If your kitchen is dark, choose a lighter shade. For neutral kitchens, invest in different colors.

For legacy furniture that has a very old look, an alternative is to paint with strong colors like navy blue, red, pink and yellow. Thus, you enter the retro trend and still keep the family memory without leaving the old-fashioned kitchen.

2- Remove the drawers

Closet idea with crates at the bottom
Crates display kitchen items
The drawers were replaced by wooden crates

A simple and creative idea is to remove some drawers and put crates in place. You can use wooden or plastic boxes. To make the furniture more beautiful, paint the interior with the same color as the cabinets. It is perfect for storing cleaning supplies or food.

3- Modify the doors and drawers

Green-colored cabinet doors
Red cabinet doors
Contact paper that imitates wood is an option

To make your furniture more cheerful, add color to the doors and drawers. You can apply contact paper or use ink. The trick is to make these parts contrast with the rest of the closet.

You can choose a more intense color like red or use a combination. Another creative way is to choose an adhesive paper with fun print and apply in the drawers. Your closet will gain a new face effortlessly!

4- Enjoy the decorative stickers

Decorative stickers in the kitchen cabinet
Stickers add print to the closet

You can stick a complete area or just place a drawing. Here also keep the trick: for lighter cupboards use dark stickers, for bright colored furniture, enjoy the stickers in light tones. This idea is great for renovating the bench.

5- Add color to niches and shelves

Open cupboard with niches and shelves

A cabinet with glass doors is much more interesting with the colored background. Enjoy and do it in the niches and shelves. To highlight, choose a special collection of crockery or mugs.

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