26 Great Ideas For Small Kitchens

The  kitchen  is the heart of the home. Between the scent of fresh coffee, aromas of herbs and the cake smelling of cinnamon and sugar, there are unforgettable moments. Moments that happen in both large and small kitchens.

So, this second option is the focus of this book of ideas. That’s because when you want to have new ideas for a small kitchen, the disadvantages are always apparent. But, with the good suggestions that you will see below, you will realize how much it is possible to achieve big projects through simple solutions for your small kitchen.

Small kitchen design: how to furnish and decorate?

Small kitchens need projects with great planning so you can put everything you want and need inside them. Of course, you may have to give up some decorative objects in order not to leave the environment loaded. But in return, you will gain in space and comfort.

Modular or joinery furniture

One of the main tips that kitchen designers at homify usually recommend is to invest in modular or bespoke furniture made in joinery. That’s because, in this way, you can fit more cabinets, predict the exact space for the electrodes and define a perfect table size, all considering every inch of your small kitchen.

Functional and flexible furniture

Another tip is to make good use of functional furniture, such as folding wall tables, which do not take up space when they are not being used. This solution is great when there is not much space for circulation. Small furniture with wheels, such as auxiliary benches, are also great, as you can easily move them around to make cleaning more efficient or make room for a specific situation.


Shelves are also a great solution, as they often make the look lighter than filling the kitchen with closed, deeper cabinets. Of course, if you keep the shelves organized and with few decorative elements, to maintain visual cleanliness.


Speaking of visual cleanliness, the choice of wall covering is also an important factor. The smaller the space, the lighter and more neutral the wall color should be, if you want the kitchen to look more spacious and organized. It does not mean that vibrant colors are prohibited, it should only balance the use of vibrant colors with neutral ones.


Lighting is another very interesting point, which does not usually receive the value it deserves. If you count on the help of an interior designer, he will certainly transform the atmosphere of your kitchen, making it more welcoming, only with adequate lighting effects.

With these essential tips in mind, here are 26 beautiful small kitchen designs by homify professionals and get inspired to furnish and decorate yours.

1. Modular kitchen

To start, a simple example, but very popular. Modular kitchens are very practical and are great options for people who do not have much budget for decoration. With these modern kitchens for small spaces, counters can perfectly house appliances, such as stoves or microwaves. There is also the option of using shelves that can be easily integrated and that will optimize spaces.

2. Very small kitchens in American style

Ideas for small kitchens that have space for an American style dining counter are always great. This is because, in addition to being used for dining, the table can function as an additional work space. It’s like having a traditional kitchen, with a central table, but with a more modern and functional design, adapted to the reduced size of the environment.

3. Small and simple kitchen with predominant white

This space was very well designed and looks more like an environment for an artist than a small kitchen, right? But there is no problem with that, since culinary activities are nothing more than art with ingredients. See how the choice of white as the predominant color leaves the environment organized and light. Black and stainless steel details bring modernity to the design.

4. Small ā€œUā€ kitchen design

Among the ideas for small kitchens, the models organized in ā€œUā€ are always good options. This is because this type of project offers a great central dimension so that people can move from one counter to another. In addition, see the wide triple countertop for preparing meals, and you can also take advantage of the space with overhead cabinets and shelves. Very functional and pleasant.

5. Small kitchen ideas with smart storage

If your concern in small kitchens is to know good choices of storage spaces, this example is essential. Finding a project as incredible as this one is always worth inspiring. Everything from the kitchen is stored in these spaces, even a small cellar was built vertically.

6. Small kitchen in white and beige

As you have seen, kitchens in neutral colors are great for small shapes. That’s because light tones bring the feeling of even bigger spaces. To complement this option well, it is interesting to use a large window to enhance the lighting in the room.

7. Small kitchens with minimalist designs

Purer designs never fail to give the impression of cleanliness and elegance. Looking carefully at the stove, you can see that even he was happy with this option.

8. A very small and secret kitchen

When you live in a kitchenette, for example, you need to integrate the rooms in a very planned way so that it does not seem all one. So, if the kitchen space is the same as the living room, without any division, an idea like that of the image is sensational. Your kitchen looks perfect, but only appears when you need to use it. Otherwise, it is well kept inside the cabinet doors. Furthermore, with open doors, mobile walls are created that give the feeling of a separate environment.

9. Small and beautiful kitchens mixing modern and rustic

Modern kitchens for small spaces find great ideas in this project. The combination of different styles was just fantastic.

10. Rustic kitchen

This is probably the opposite of minimalist design. However, this idea for small kitchens is nevertheless not comfortable. On the contrary, there are those who only feel the real kitchen of the home when there is wood present and a more rustic look in the decoration.

11. Colorful kitchen integrated with living room

This is a really good-humored kitchen. The choice of colored pieces can be interesting when the distribution is balanced. If arranged very close together, these same colored pieces can give a chaotic look to the space. But in this example, it was perfect and very pleasant.

12. Small and elegant kitchen ideas

It is possible to further increase the space from modern pieces, such as these beautiful transparent seat stools. In the background, the shelf with built-in lighting brings elegance and a touch of mystery. Both options are undoubtedly great ideas for small kitchens.

13. Wooden kitchen

Kitchens decorated with wooden furniture offer a very clear vision on how to make the most of small spaces. To give comfort to meals and, why not, drinks, the minimalist stools work perfectly.

14. Charming country kitchen

Beautiful and picturesque. Even with modular options, these ideas for small kitchens exude a sense of warmth. To better take advantage of the environment, open shelves were used that gave more space to conveniently organize utensils near the dining table.

15. Kitchen in retro style

The retro design brings colors, patterns and shapes to enhance common kitchens. In this small kitchen, for example, the highlight is the beautiful yellow refrigerator, the pendants and the orange seats of the stools.

16. Small kitchen with challenging colors

This kitchen has absolute nobility! The combination with marble, elegant cabinets and careful lighting makes this a particularly incredible place. Bear in mind that you need to feel at ease with this mixture of darker colors in such a small environment.

17. Small and simple kitchens with functionality

It is essential that in a kitchen there is no lack of space for you to cook comfortably. This requires a lot of practicality and, of course, good design solutions. In this small kitchen it is possible to notice very well the sum of these two solutions, using simple furniture, bought ready-made.

18. Small kitchen that exudes freshness and lightness

The choice of colors directly affects the sensations you will experience while in the kitchen. A great choice, which brings freshness and lightness, is white mixed with another light color, but more vivid, like this aqua blue.

19. Lovely small kitchen with cabin air

In this kitchen, the intention is to give the residents a holiday feeling. After a long day, nothing better than finding such a nice kitchen in the middle of a place to enjoy nature.

20. Modern kitchen with contrasts

Incredible contrasts can make simple kitchens stunning. And in these incredible ideas for small kitchens, the black color makes all the difference.

21. Mix between tradition and modernity

This kitchen is an impressive example of how two different styles can work very well in the same space. In this project there is the original and rustic style that makes a great combination with the modern stainless steel finish.

22. Small kitchen in an industrial style

Here you can see a beautiful possibility of contrasts. The industrial style with exposed pipes and the brick wall was excellent to house the wood stove.

23. Place for revenue

If there is a free wall, how about using chalkboard paint and giving a new space for recipes? With that, your small kitchen will certainly be more creative, modern and interesting.

24. Small kitchen enhancing lighting

Whether the kitchen is small or large, lighting plays a very important role. For food preparation, for example, it is essential to have solutions that reinforce light, such as this great option using LED.

25. Ideas for modern kitchens for small spaces

In this project, nothing is to be desired when the idea is to relax. Who wouldn’t want to be in this kitchen for fresh coffee?

26. Classical cuisine

The last example is this set of ideas for small kitchens in a classic style. In this project are essential advice: avoid dark colors to make better use of lighting and whimsical curtains and finishes. It was a grace.

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