How to organize a kitchen? See creative and inexpensive ideas

Organizing your kitchen can be fun! Check out economic tips that really work.

Do you need practicality in your day, but feel that everything is out of order? So, keep track of 30 functional ideas and find out now how to organize a kitchen easily and at a low cost.

With the right inspirations and a lot of creativity, your kitchen will be more beautiful and adapted to your routine.

Practical tips on how to organize a kitchen

Check out these ways to keep your kitchen organized. With simple and economical tricks, you can eliminate the mess once and for all. See the tips!

Use pots and baskets to organize the kitchen

The jars help to standardize foods, making them easy to identify. With the baskets it is possible to gather the objects by group, which leaves a clean and practical view for everyday life.

2- Have the same packaging for the condiments

Have equal packaging for condiments

Tubes and bottles are inexpensive and beautiful options for organizing spices. So, you can now go directly to the condiment you want to use, ending the search time until you find the one you need right away.

3- Take advantage of the cutlery organizers

Enjoy cutlery organizers

Don’t leave your larger knives and cutlery lying around in the drawer. This can be dangerous, because when removing an object, you can accidentally cut yourself. For this reason, cutlery organizers are your allies to organize the kitchen with little money.

4- Keep the environment with few objects

Conserve the environment with few objects

Leave on tables and benches only what you use often, or are currently using. A kitchen without scattered objects gives the feeling of a clean and organized environment.

5- Group objects of the same type

Group objects of the same type

Always leave objects of the same family together. Thus, they are more organized and you already search directly where they are. This applies to all knives or all canopies, for example.

6- Hang the cups and mugs

Hang the cups and mugs

With just a few hooks you can organize your cups and mugs. This trick helps to gain more space in kitchen cabinets, in addition to customizing the location. So you organize and decorate at the same time.

7- Enjoy the partitions

Enjoy the dividers

To make your drawer more organized, just use the wooden dividers. This simple trick prevents all objects from getting mixed up, or spread out over a large space.

8- Hang utensils and pots

Hang utensils and pots

To keep your kitchen organized and stylish, use hooks to hang utensils and pots, as well as mugs and cups. Leaving these objects high, you gain more space on the counter and in the cabinets.

9- Test the perforated panel

Test the perforated panel

The steel panel proposes to organize fruits and other objects. So, you can take advantage of a free wall and place this panel. With it you can hang baskets with various utensils, or even place the hooks, now upright.

10- Keep each object in its place

Keep each object in place

In addition to having your glasses, pots and utensils organized, you need to preserve them that way. So it is important to select what will be exposed and what will go into the drawers. Think that you need practicality in your routine.

11- Leave objects you like in plain sight

Let objects you like the view

In addition to organizing, having a decorated kitchen is also inspiring. After all, when an environment is pleasant, it is much easier to keep in order.

12- Reuse preserving jars

Reuse preserving jars

Do you know those glass jars that would be discarded? The tip is to use all of them to store food and spices. You can even out the lid by painting with spray paint.

13- Use vertical organizers

Upright organizers in the kitchen

Take the opportunity to use organizers that keep objects in a straight line. They take up less space and store more objects.

14- Enjoy a seasoning tray

Enjoy a seasoning tray

You have no idea what to do with the spices, oil, olive oil, ketchup etc, which are always loose? The tip is to use a container, like a tray, to keep everyone together.

15- Use pots to store utensils

Use pots to store utensils

Pots that would go to waste are great for storage. You can paint them to make the decoration even.

16- Match the colors

Match the colors

Keeping kitchen cabinet colors and other pieces matching helps to have less visual pollution. So, choose a color palette and use it in the environment, like beige, white, and black.

17- Optimize the space with the shelves

Optimize space with shelves

The shelves are perfect for those who want to have objects always at hand, but in an organized way. They can be of various colors and you can add more than one.

18- Have the coffee space

Have coffee space

To make your snack time more special, set aside a tray and leave the items you need to set up a coffee corner. The idea also applies to alcoholic drinks or teas.

19- Leave a blackboard in the kitchen

Leave a blackboard in the kitchen

A blackboard helps to write down what ended up in the kitchen and needs to be replaced. It also serves to write messages for other residents when needed.

20- Use a spinner to store objects

Use a rotating bucket to store objects

You can put it on a spinning rack: spices, juices in packages, children’s sweets and whatever else your imagination allows.

Did you see how you can organize without spending a lot of money? Now check out more options for you to make your kitchen beautiful.

21 – Fix the fridge

Fix the fridge

Every personal organizer recommends keeping the refrigerator in order to keep the kitchen tidy. So, throw out expired food, organize products by type on the shelves and remove dirt.

22 – Clean the pantry

Clean the pantry

Just as it was done in the refrigerator, allow 30 minutes a week to clean the pantry. Discard expired food and use pots to increase storage space and combat clutter. Group the foods by category, so that it will be easier to find them.

23 – Equipment integrated to the island

Equipment integrated to the island

One of the tips for organizing the kitchen is to integrate the appliances into the central island, as is the case with the brewery and the oven. Thus, the layout is cleaner, modern and functional. Consider this idea when renovating the room, even though it is not such a cheap alternative, it is very worthwhile.

24 – Recover space in the sink

Recover sink space

Do not allow dirty or clean dishes to accumulate over the sink, as this creates a messy atmosphere in the kitchen.

25 – Make good use of cupboard doors

Cabinet doors can take on a new utility: try hanging kitchen utensils on them or turning them into small slates.

Other ideas for organizing the kitchen

See other inspirations to keep your kitchen beautiful and spotless. You can certainly apply many of these ideas today.

Now that you know how to organize a kitchen at a low cost, you just need to put the ideas into practice. Gather your favorites and already separate the materials.

Kitchen tile: find out which models are on the rise

The tile is a perfect choice to decorate the kitchen walls, after all, it contributes to the aesthetics and gives a touch of personality to the space. With different colors, prints, sizes and formats, the material launches trends and innovates any project.

Although it is an old type of covering, the tile remains the “darling” of many architects. This season, it has several revamped versions, which combine with a more modern and creative decoration style.

Tiles are used to cover different areas of the kitchen, especially the backsplash . For those who don’t know, this term is used to define the space that exists between the kitchen countertop and the upper cabinets. There are options for all tastes – from classic hydraulic tiles to super modern hexagonal tiles.

Trends in tiles and coatings for kitchen

Coatings can play a leading role in kitchen decor. See below the main trends of tiles and other types of cladding for the walls of this room:

New formats

Forget the popular square tiles. The ceramic brands are betting on new formats to win the preference of consumers, as is the case with hexagonal, circular and even triangular pieces. In many projects, the coating is able to convey good humor and relaxation.

Hexagonal tiles in light tones in the kitchen
Different shaped tiles in the kitchen
White hexagonal tiles on the kitchen wall
Printed hexagonal tiles
Navy blue and white kitchen with hexagonal tiles.
Triangle cladding


The geometry in the decoration is here to stay and is present in all rooms of the house. In the kitchen, tiles with geometric patterns are the hit. The ceramic pieces are decorated with incredible graphics, like triangles and lines that complement each other in a beautiful composition.

Kitchen with black furniture and geometric tiles
Colorful geometric print on the tiles

Hydraulic tile

The hydraulic tile, also known as colored tile, is a perfect choice for those who want to give a retro touch to the decor. He manages to make the environment more daring, charming and full of personality. The pieces are generally used to create mosaics and panels in the kitchen.

The tiles leave the kitchen with a vintage look.
Black and white hydraulic tiles
Kitchen wall with hydraulic tiles.

Moroccan tiles

Moroccan-style tiles, also called Zellige, have gained prominence in recent years. It is successful with its diverse colors and irregularities.

Moroccan tiles in the kitchen.
Neutral Moroccan tiles
Square and irregular, Moroccan tiles decorate the kitchen.

Subway Tiles

This type of covering is inspired by the tiles that cover the walls of the subway stations in New York and Paris. It has a retro yet modern look, creating an effect of “charming white bricks” in the decoration of the space.

Subway tiles, when used well in kitchen design, give a classic and light air. They are often found in white, but they also have colored and black versions.

Kitchen decorated with subway tiles
Subway tiles make the kitchen clean and nostalgic

Fish scale

The “fish scale” type of tile is very successful abroad, with its wavy and dynamic shape. The pieces serve to create a relaxed and modern composition on the kitchen wall. It is, therefore, a perfect choice for those who are not afraid to dare.

Fish scale tiles are bold

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