10 Ideas to remodel kitchen cabinet without spending too much

Don’t know what to do with your old kitchen furniture? So, check out 10 cheap and charming ideas to renew the environment.

You can highlight an environment just by choosing the right furniture. But what to do when a piece of furniture is worn out, but it cannot be changed yet, or even when it is a family heirloom? The tip is to learn ideas to remodel kitchen cabinet. And, the best, without spending a lot on this process.

See a collection of tricks to save your decor economically. With just a few adjustments and a lot of imagination it is possible to renew the environment and without having to buy a new part.

Practical tips to remodel kitchen cabinet

If you’re out of ideas to renovate your closet on a budget, these suggestions will help! Often the secret to transforming a room is not to change objects, but to think of ways to use what you already have differently.

It is not always possible to make a planned kitchen. However, just by using colors, removing old parts, or applying a sticker, you already get incredible effects for the environment.

Then, following 10 ways to modify your old furniture using affordable and affordable items.

1- Paint your kitchen cabinet

Gray painted kitchen cabinet
Blue painted kitchen cabinet

The easiest and most economical way to renovate is by using paint and a brush. So choose a new color for your closet and start painting. If your kitchen is dark, choose a lighter shade. For neutral kitchens, invest in different colors.

For legacy furniture that has a very old look, an alternative is to paint with strong colors like navy blue, red, pink and yellow. Thus, you enter the retro trend and still keep the family memory without leaving the old-fashioned kitchen.

2- Remove the drawers

Closet idea with crates at the bottom
Crates display kitchen items

A simple and creative idea is to remove some drawers and put crates in place. You can use wooden or plastic boxes. To make the furniture more beautiful, paint the interior with the same color as the cabinets. Perfect for storing cleaning supplies or food.

3- Modify the doors and drawers

Green-colored cabinet doors
Red cabinet doors

To make your furniture more cheerful, add color to the doors and drawers. You can apply contact paper or use ink. The trick is to make these parts contrast with the rest of the closet.

You can choose a more intense color like red or use a combination. Another creative way is to choose a fun printed adhesive paper and apply it in the drawers. Your closet will gain a new face effortlessly!

4- Enjoy the decorative stickers

Decorative stickers in the kitchen cabinet
Stickers add print to the closet

You can stick a complete area or just place a drawing. Here also keep the trick: for lighter cupboards use dark stickers, for furniture in bright color, enjoy the stickers in light tones. This idea is great for renovating the bench.

5- Add color to niches and shelves

Open cupboard with niches and shelves
Shelf with colorful background in the kitchen

A cabinet with glass doors is much more interesting with the colored background. Enjoy and do it in the niches and shelves. To highlight, choose a special collection of crockery or mugs.

6- Make a blackboard

Blackboard on the closet door
Blackboard finish in kitchen cabinet

It can be done with chalkboard paint or even wallpaper. The creation of a blackboard makes the kitchen more creative. With a piece of chalk you can make the shopping list, leave messages for the family or write a new recipe.

If you use magnetic paint, it is still possible to put metal seasoning pots. This will give more style to the environment and will also help to organize the kitchen with cheap and attractive items.

7. Change the handles

Golden handles in pink closet
Handles innovate the look of a planned wooden cabinet

An old piece of furniture gains much more charm with this trick. There are several models of handles. You can choose a more modern one and paint your kitchen cabinet with a bright color, such as red, blue or yellow.

8- Apply a photographic panel

Photo panel in the kitchen
Panel imitates colored tiles

For the area between the cabinet and the bench, nothing better than a photographic panel. You can choose any print you like and send it to a print shop. Just measure and order your photo.

9- Invest in pastel tone

Pastel colored cabinet
Light blue kitchen cabinet
Pink cupboard

Old cabinets often have heavier, more rustic doors. A great idea to soften this piece of furniture is to paint with pastel colors like: mint, rose, lilac and baby blue.

Old cabinets often have heavier, more rustic doors. A great idea to soften this piece of furniture is to paint with pastel colors like: mint, rose , lilac and baby blue.

10- Different ideas

Open kitchen cabinet lined with fabric

In addition to these ideas you can also customize the closet with application of fabrics. If you don’t like the doors anymore, or they are worn out, no problem, you can remove and leave it open. For the drawers, an option is to cover with adhesive paper.

Now that you know how to renovate your kitchen cabinet without spending a lot, you just need to put these ideas into action. Combine the options you prefer and have a renovated furniture saving money.

If you found these ideas interesting, how about sharing on your favorite social networks? Surely your friends will love these suggestions to renew the cabinets and leave the environment with more personality.

Best kitchen floor: learn to choose and see models

See how to choose the best kitchen floor, considering the needs of the environment, the style of decoration and the budget available.

The kitchen requires quality coating, with an easy-to-clean, resistant and highly durable texture. In addition, it is also worth considering the space available before making the purchase of the floor, some models help expand the environment. Learn how to choose the best kitchen floor.

Like the bathroom, the kitchen is a room that requires special care. The choice of floor has an impact not only on the decoration, but also on the hygiene and maintenance of the place, since some materials facilitate the cleaning of the environment, which usually accumulates a lot of fat, easily gets dirty with food residues, and more rarely, having the floor damaged by infiltrations or damage caused by furniture and appliances.

Tips for choosing the best kitchen floor

There are flooring options for every taste and budget. The material used in the manufacture of each one of them determines the durability, resistance to weight, ease of cleaning and enhancement of the environment.

If the idea is to create a sophisticated environment, it is ideal to bet on floors of neutral colors and mix light and dark tones throughout the decoration of the environment. In retro kitchens, you need to balance the mix of colors, if there are tiles designed on the wall and the appliances are colored, the floor should have a neutral color and, as an option, be interspersed with a specific color, preferably cold.

The floor needs to be sturdy and easy to clean.  (Photo: Disclosure)

Porcelain tiles are one of the most suitable materials for kitchen floors, regardless of the style of decoration. The mirrors optimize the space and create the impression of the free space being even greater, in addition, the porcelain does not spoil after contact with moisture or chemical and has above average durability. However, the value of the material is not accessible to everyone, a box with 1.60 m² costs an average of R $ 150.00.

Ceramic floors are cheaper and although they are not as resistant, they are the best option for those who do not want to pay high value for the kitchen flooring. A 2 m² box is sold for approximately R $ 20.00. The durability is much less than that of porcelain floors, but the ease of cleaning is the same.

Kitchen floor templates

In doubt about the best kitchen floor? Then check out some of the most popular models below:

Porcelain floor

Porcelain floor in the kitchen.

The porcelain floor has several textures, the most suitable for the kitchen is the glazed. It is smooth, shiny, has a mirror effect and is very resistant against stains and scratches. The rectified has a much thinner edge than usual, guarantees an even more sophisticated finish and does not allow residues to accumulate in the grout.

Ceramic Floor

Ceramic floors in the kitchen.

It is made of clay, so it is not as resistant as porcelain tile. The ceramic floor is sold with different textures, colors and different designs, but the best choice for kitchens is a smooth floor, since non-slip surfaces can make cleaning difficult and make the grease impregnate the floor. They are resistant to chemicals and do not stain easily, and can be combined in different ways.

Burnt Cement Floor

Burnt cement floor in the kitchen.

The burnt cement floor is one of the cheapest on the market and the smooth and shiny texture is one of the main strengths of this type of flooring. It combines with rustic kitchens and is very easy to clean, makes dirt not so evident, and has durability. The use of some chemicals can cause stains on this type of floor, care is needed, in addition, it leaves the environment extremely cold and is suitable for homes located in hot regions.

Hydraulic Tile Floor

Hydraulic Tile Floor

The hydraulic tile floor has high quality and guarantees an incredible look for the kitchen, they are made from cement and painted in a handmade way, according to the customer’s taste. The mix of colors makes the atmosphere happy and fun, making it ideal for decorating retro kitchens. Cleaning should be done only with water and neutral detergent to avoid damaging the designs.

Marble floor

Marble floor 

Marble floors are made from stone and polished so that the texture is smooth. They are the most resistant to impact, cleaning products and moisture. In addition, they combine with different types of decoration, since they are available in different colors and tones, they are expensive pieces, but add value to the property.

Marble is a great option for those looking for elegance, but it has some disadvantages, such as price and ease of staining.

Wood floor

Wood floor

Wood is a timeless option that combines with a contemporary or rustic decor. It can be used to cover the kitchen floor, as long as it receives the proper treatment, as the room is a humid environment.

The wooden floor is not so common in Brazilian kitchens, but you can bet on this material to make the space more charming and comfortable. On the other hand, if you are looking for practicality and easy maintenance, the best choices remain ceramic and porcelain. There are very interesting materials on the market, which imitate the woody look.

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