2016 kitchen trends

The  kitchen has become the protagonist of the house! Receiving and cooking at the same time became the preference among contemporary hosts. Nothing more natural, then, that the environment is dressed in precious details and exhibits personality in every corner. With that in mind, Casa Vogue has prepared a true dossier with the strongest 2016 trends for the environment. By clicking on the image or title below, you will find crockery, metals and appliances to bring energy to the place. Then, key ingredients reveal inspiring recipes prepared by famous chefs and, below, boldly decorated kitchens that declare, once and for all, that the space must be, in addition to functional, very beautiful!

Kitchen trends for 2016 (Photo: Disclosure)
Kitchen trends 2016 (Photo: disclosure)

Chiara / Luna – Da Leicht

Part of the Contino line, this kitchen, whose cabinets received high-gloss laminate, exudes lightness and unusual elegance with the combination of white, blue and gray. Without apparent handles, it becomes clean . The workbench is 80 cm high to offer good storage space, and a gap just below the top appears to make it float. Design by German Leicht, price on request

Kitchen trends 2016 (Photo: disclosure)

Retro, by Todeschini

This yellow tone reveals: it is a “vintage” kitchen. From the SER collection, it has MDF and MDP cabinets and counters with melamine finish and high pressure plastic laminate, brushed steel handles and internal accessories from Blum. Design Todeschini and Vazquez Arquitetos. For 20 m², it costs R $ 45 thousand

Kitchen trends 2016 (Photo: disclosure)

Molti Colori, from Bontempo

The cabinets and counters of this kitchen, with Molti Colori Verde L060 Lacca and Molti Colori Verde Y141 Lacca finishes, have Mobi handles with anodized matte finish. Signed by Studio Bontempo, price on request

Kitchen trends 2016 (Photo: disclosure)

Dell Anno Provence Line

With Lacca Satin Luminositá doors and countertops, space acquires a smooth and homogeneous look, punctuated by blue lacquer in the niches of the shelves. The interior of the furniture has Blum Clip Top hinges, and the Paris handles receive a satin chrome finish. Design Studio Dell Anno, price on request

Kitchen trends 2016 (Photo: disclosure)

Tek, from Ornare

The High Line collection bears the signature of designer Guto Indio da Costa. In total integration with the environment, the Tek kitchen has double-door cabinets that guarantee internal ventilation. Next to the doors, the Corian top gains recoil that helps in opening it.

Kitchen trends 2016 (Photo: disclosure)

Tech, by Florense

Florense’s Papaya High Gloss finish, seen on the cupboard doors, brings personality to the Tech kitchen, countering the neutrality of the Silestone counter. The natural touch comes from the thermo-treated Teka that appears on the table top. Tech Inox Handles. Florense Design, price on request

Kitchen trends 2016 (Photo: disclosure)

Bryce from Kitchens

Launched in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the brand, this kitchen has as its protagonists the Bryce Bronze and Bryce Titanium glasses – seen on the doors -, which use laser printing with a matte varnish to create a brushed effect. The countertop is Corian Ebony. Viking cooktop and Grohe Minta Supersteel model faucet. Design Kitchens. Price on request

Kitchen trends 2016 (Photo: disclosure)

Compact, from SCA

Harmony, sobriety and resistance mark this kitchen from the Behaviors collection. Frame in Ciliegio Scuro tone, Borgogna glass and Amaro aluminum profiles speak to each other and find the durability of Cosentino’s Dekton coating on the countertop and on the wall. Design Traço 68 Arquitetura + Design, from SCA, from R $ 41 thousand (furniture only)

Kitchen trends 2016 (Photo: disclosure)

Cosmopolitan, by Marel Móveis

Made of MDF, the Cosmopolita kitchen cabinets have a Grafit finish. The table and the main counter receive the Greenville wood pattern, while the oven lining is Laccato Italiano Molinara. Adriana Ciliprandi design and manufacturing Marel Móveis, price on request

Kitchen trends 2016 (Photo: Elton Rocha / publicity)

Pink kitchen, by Gustavo Barone

Signed by architect Gustavo Barone, from Design Studio GB, for his client, resident of Anápolis, GO, this kitchen of 7.18 m² was executed by Formatec Cozinha Planadas. The space combines two protagonists: the coating of the Casa Vogue 40 Years Portobello Collection, with geometric motifs, that takes over the walls, and the gradient of four shades of pink in the lacquered painting of the cabinet doors, with One Touch drawers. The countertop is made of white Itaúnas granite.

10 beautiful kitchens with shades of pink

Top 10 pink kitchens (Photo: Casa Vogue)

The Rose Quartzhas just been chosen by Pantone Institute as one of the top trending colors for spring 2016 and can now be seen in the décor of different environments. Also called “rose quartz”, the tone and its variations guarantee an extra charm to the kitchen. From whole walls to punctual details, get inspired by this top 10 from Casa Vogue.

Pink kitchens (Photo: Disclosure)

1. Pink breakfast

From the walls to the stools, different shades of pink add a warm touch to the kitchen of a 19th century property in Torres Vedras, 50 km from Lisbon. Here, the secret of success is to use the striking tone in lacquered MDF cabinets, straight and unadorned.

2. Sweetened industrial

Products in shades of pink (Photo: Casa Vogue)

The candy color chosen to line the drawers and cabinets brings lightness to the kitchen with an industrial footprint made for a single man in Malmö, Sweden. The predominance of white and gray in the environment guarantees the elegance of the result.

3. Masculine and contemporary

A vibrant version of rose quartz was chosen to line the kitchen cabinet doors. The result is masculine and contemporary thanks to the black that stands out on the floor, tiles, and wall. The dark wooden cabinet acts as a surprise element in the decor.

Pink kitchens (Photo: Disclosure)

4. Element of surprise

Desaturated blue covers most of the cabinets and walls in this kitchen created by the Swedish brand Alcro, but it is the rosé tone that covers the door that makes the difference in the environment. The white, present in the stop and the foot, illuminates and gives even more prominence.

Pink kitchens (Photo: Disclosure)

5. Clean with humor

With wooden cabinets and white countertops, the clean kitchen of an art director gained a splash of life with the pink of the mini refrigerator. Other candy colors were chosen for the utensils, composing a humorous scene.

Pink kitchens (Photo: Disclosure)

6. Relaxing kitchen

Pastel colors and abundant natural light make this kitchen a delicate environment full of well-kept details. A calming rose quartz was chosen for the chairs, while a relaxing shade of blue surrounds the entire closet. Gray and mint complement each other on wallpaper and pillows, creating a harmonious combination of candy colors.

Pink kitchens (Photo: Disclosure)

7. Highlight accessories

This Parisian kitchen already had an impactful floor, made with white and blue tiles. The good thing, however, was betting on pink for accessories. The hot pink appears in some utensils, in the fruit bowl and also in the photo frames on the wall, painting the space with a good dose of joy.

Pink kitchens (Photo: Disclosure)

8. Sunny Barcelona

The kitchen of an apartment in Barcelona gained a fresh touch by having a part of the wall covered with a vibrant variation of pink quartz. It breaks the neutrality of white and at the same time composes a colorful backdrop with the green of the window.

Pink kitchens (Photo: Disclosure)

9. Retro air

An interesting way to use pink in the kitchen is to use accessories in candy color version. In the retro proposal of the environment above, some utensils discreetly brushed the blue countertop and the white vintage stove.

Pink kitchens (Photo: Disclosure)

10. New life for B&W

The all-white kitchen got a fun look with this pink fridge. The vintage appliance brings a joyful contrast to the B&W tile floor, while the design table and chairs complement the room with a touch of sophistication.

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