Brick Wall: Make Your Kitchen Incredible

The combination of rustic and contemporary can be transmitted with great elegance through the exposed bricks in one or more walls of the kitchen.

How about having a decoration at home that mixes – harmoniously – the rustic with the contemporary? Know that this is a possibility that can be beautiful in any type of environment – living room, bedroom, kitchen, and many others. 

This form of combination may even cause some strangeness in some people, but it has already won the hearts of many others. Therefore, it is considered an upward trend.

In this text, you can see several examples of very inspiring decorations. We will show you some ideas on how to use exposed bricks to create rustic and contemporary environments – especially kitchens. 

Brick Wall: The Trend

Brick is one of the most used materials in Brazilian architecture. When, in an interior decoration, an entire building system or wall covering in brick is left in plain view – that is, apparent – it is called a ‘brick’. 

Nowadays, this practice is widely adopted by several designers, who aim to give an extra touch of personality to the rooms they planned, such as kitchens – the focus of this text.

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The advantages of using exposed bricks in interior decorations

Brick is a low-cost material. But it is not only for this reason that it is explored by architects. In fact, it is because it offers numerous other qualities – such as great thermal properties. 

Its aesthetic beauty is also notorious – besides being versatile. It blends well with elements made from various other raw materials – including other finishes – and styles of decoration. But anyone who identifies with the rustic will know how to appreciate it even more.

Generally, exposed brick walls look beautiful. They are usually exposed without any finishing. But, for certain situations, when necessary, the application of whitewashed paint or varnish on the surface is indicated. 

This, in theory, would contribute to the durability of the system, in addition to making cleaning in place easier.

Kitchen wall with exposed brick The advantages II

It is inevitable, but in interior decorations, brick walls are often the center of attention. And, when mixed with cabinet modules and other touches of stronger colors, they seem to gain even more prominence. 

This is an excellent solution to enrich the scene of many places within the home. But, in the next topic, we will stop to talk about the possibilities that this material offers for kitchen decorations.

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The use of exposed bricks in kitchen decor

Visible bricks are not always considered for kitchen decorations. However, knowing how to use this material well in the correct places within this type of room – it can be just a small piece of wall, for example -, the result can be impressive. The fact is that, immediately, the bricks can give the environment a greater sense of breadth and depth.

The first step a person needs to take is to establish what kind of effect he is aiming to create in the environment. 

She may be looking for something more neutral, matching the furniture. Or you may be wanting to make the brick the real protagonist of all your kitchen decor; and for that, you need to use bricks in a darker and more austere tone than everything in the place.

Modern kitchens can benefit from not only one type, but several types of wall covering bricks. After deciding how many of them you want to use, the person must determine where to apply them indoors. 

For example, inside the kitchen, you can completely or partially cover a wall – perhaps the opposite of the sink counter. Small details would be enough to make the room more charming.

Finally, just think about the style of wall you want to raise. It is possible to play with styles. 

Perhaps leaving an unpainted, unpainted brick surface in the kitchen exposed – the characteristic texture of the material is very beautiful and can be explored in this type of project. Another way is to use brick in the kitchen covered with a layer of dough in the desired color.

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And there are still, on the market, the tiles that imitate bricks – very reminiscent of the wall coverings of American subways. But this is another story. 

For now, review the images presented in this text. Use them as a source of inspiration for creating a beautiful brick kitchen decor in your home.

American cuisine: tips and projects to inspire you

Find out what American cuisine is, what its benefits are and how to integrate it better with the rest of the house

After a full day of work, what room in the house will people look for to relax, interact, entertain and recover their energy?

Difficult to answer this question, isn’t it?

Well know that the most beloved environment of Brazilians is the kitchen. But why is it sometimes called American cuisine?

We’ll explain all of this to you – and we’ll show you amazing projects to get inspired!

The evolution of kitchens

In the past, many meals and family gatherings were held in the kitchen. The hectic life of big cities made people change their habit and start cooking less and less.

Suddenly, this room was no longer the main house; lost relevance. But the world has evolved and the social importance of the kitchen has returned with full force, through the fashion of integrated projects.

Currently, the tendency of the national real estate market is to join the kitchen to the dining or living room – which, in fact, is nothing new. Unlike the famous “pass dish”, the opening is wider than ever. That’s because people no longer want to be limited to one space. They want to show their healthy life, showcase their sophisticated appliances and interact with their guests.American kitchen with yellow stools

Integrated kitchen with island

There is no longer a need to separate the kitchen from the living room – it is the new living room, the synonym for fun. Because, this simple and practical architecture solution, to unite one or more rooms, is perfect for smaller properties.

Exactly for this reason, many construction companies have chosen to flex the plans, presenting different layouts, with or without walls. This earned the name American, integrated or gourmet cuisine.

Continue reading this article to know everything about American cuisine and why it is so loved by Brazilians!

What is American Cuisine

The American kitchen usually has a half wall or countertop that separates it from the dining or living room. As a result or because of this, many architects have chosen to make this spot a place for quick meals – especially in small apartments. Anyone who cooks at home has no doubts, it is the ideal solution.american kitchen with red counter

The American kitchen provides a feeling of spaciousness. But, its main advantage is to present a positive change in the concept of cooking, transforming the activity into something fun and pleasurable for everyone in the house.

Only this is possible only if the architect plans all environments well, considering the profile of the residents and the question of the complexity of their tasks.

Decorating tips for American kitchens

Between American kitchen and integrated dining room or living room everything tends to be on display, from electrics to crockery, floors, finishes and even decoration. This last item does not have to be the same between the two rooms – in fact, it would not even make sense, since they have different functions. For this reason, it is allowed – and even much appreciated – to make the visual contrast. For example, having the room in a more neutral tone and the kitchen the other way around.American kitchen with pendants

Copper Pendants by Carolina Vilela

Some people prefer to mark the division of environments well, even if they are open to each other. Sometimes this is done by a planned cabinet – beautiful, functional, that meets the needs of both sides and makes the most of the space. And others by a dining table – positioned on the border and serving both areas.American kitchen with integrated dining room

American Cuisine with Counter by Rodrigo Fonseca

The American bench, peninsula or island is the most common solution, which is very much requested by designers when building or renovating kitchens.American kitchen with centralized island

Kitchen with Centralized
Achilles Island Nicolas Kilaris

It can be exploited for multiple functions. Depending on the layout, taste or lifestyle of the owner it can be used for meals, have retractable extensions, have a sink and even a cooktop.american kitchen with green counter

Green balcony by Karina Gubernati

Now, the secret to the success of American cuisine proposals is not to share, but to integrate as much as possible. In other words, it is necessary that the architect seeks ways to increase the feeling of continuity for the room.

One way to do this is to choose the floor covering well. The floor can be the same on both sides, with the ceiling being the boundary between the zones.American kitchen with cooktop

American kitchen integrated with the living room

Living Room Integrated to the Kitchen with Furniture Behind the Tetriz Sofa Architecture and Interiors

Furniture, appliances and electronics are also items that can virtually unite environments. The design pieces, both in the kitchen and in the living room, can have compatible lines and colors. And to highlight its details, good lighting is essential.

In American kitchens the best are the lower lamps, hanging over the counters and tables that separate them from the rooms. After all, food needs to be well seen so that people’s appetites are more acute, right? Artificial light from points on the ceiling or natural light from outside will not be sufficient in this case.American kitchen integrated with the apartment living room

Neutral American Cuisine with Wooden Counter by Sueli Zapparolli

If the property has smaller dimensions, furniture and walls in light colors will improve the lighting and increase the sense of spaciousness of the American kitchen.

Now, the designer also needs to take into account the owner’s preferences. It does not mean that he cannot opt ​​for warmer and more vibrant tones if he so wishes. On the contrary, yellow, red and derivatives can be studied.american kitchen in industrial style apartment

American kitchen from Studio Scatena Arquitetura

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