Small Kitchen Decor To Get Inspired By

The kitchen is always one of the last rooms that come up when we’re decorating, right? But this does not mean that this environment requires less care or attention, quite the opposite: in addition to thinking about aesthetics, practicality and functionality must dictate the space!

Are you one of those Masterchefs, who loves to spend hours in the kitchen, preparing fancy dishes and has your favorite corner of the house? Or are you more of the type that just remembers to stop by to drink water and are adept at delivery apps? It doesn’t matter, we have tips for everyone! Come and see it!

Discover the space

“Ah go! Really?”. Yes! Many people rush to face the good prices of a sale or buy when they find the furniture of dreams, but they do not always meet the need for space. Knowing the dimensions of your kitchen avoids the disappointment of buying an item that does not fit or takes up a lot of space. And, since the environment is reduced, we need to make the most of it!

The persona

Small kitchen decor - The persona
Small kitchen decor - The persona

Understanding the needs of residents – and, most of all, who will use the kitchen – helps to identify the best way to “plan” the kitchen, such as having a counter available next to the stove or defining whether the refrigerator it must be in the left or right corner, without forgetting to guarantee the circulation space. In addition, having a defined style also helps to select the best decor options.

Functional decor

Small kitchen decor - Functional decor
Small kitchen decor - Functional decor

You can already see the importance of functionality, right? Here, the tip is to invest in modular furniture, which fits perfectly in the available places – don’t forget to consider the space occupied by the refrigerator, stove, and sink. The organization is also very important to make the environment more harmonious, so invest in organizers, shelves, and niches – they guarantee extra space for storage. You can even leave your beautiful dishes on display and enjoy that the open concept is on the rise! 😉

Ideal color

Small kitchen decor - Ideal color
Small kitchen decor - Ideal color

A simple solution for small environments is to use white on the walls, because the color gives a sense of space amplitude – we talked about it in a YouTube video, which you can check out below. But, if you are the type who finds white monotonous and prefers more colorful spaces, no problem: bet on finishes or appliances full of color. They will be responsible for bringing more life and highlights to your kitchen.

Prioritize the essentials

It sounds cliché, but when we are faced with the amount of things we accumulate in the course of life, it is scary. So remember: less is more! If the family is not large, there is no need to have numerous plates, cutlery, glasses, etc. Store only what is necessary to optimize the environment and ensure that the organization is always up to date!

So, did you like it? Do you have any other solutions that could be useful? Don’t forget to share it with us here in the comments. To the next!

Cuisine: a 50’s Pop twist

An effervescence of popular culture took over the 50’s. With it came new styles of art, music and of course, decoration, which served as inspiration for this cuisine.

Nuances of the famous golden years appear in space through subtle points of color in the primary tones: yellow and red. Combined with the retro tile coating, the colors bring personality and dynamism to the environment.

Icons of the last century, toothpick feet have returned with everything in recent times and have gained space not only in classic decorations but also in the most modern ones. And to top it off, the sideboard with an industrial touch leaves utensils close at hand!

Some items of this production:

Modern Kitchen: mix trends and innovate!

In this kitchen the inspirations were different trends: pop, classic and modern. Everything for you to realize that when it comes to decoration, just bet on your creativity to compose incredible environments.

modern kitchen decor with black and orange tones

The dark tones transmit characteristics of contemporary style to the space, making it more cozy and bringing an air of sophistication.

kitchen decor with black and orange

Another detail that harmonizes with these colors is the furniture. The chosen pieces have straight and neutral lines to match the proposed style.

modern kitchen decor with black furniture

The integration of the dining room with the kitchen enhances the room. It makes your space more pleasant and comfortable. Great choice for those who like to invite friends to chat and eat!

modern black and orange kitchen decor with integration with dining room

And to complete the decor, we invest in different decorative items, such as clock and wallpaper. They not only give the look a boost, but also bring modernity to the kitchen.

modern kitchen decor with black and orange and hanging details

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