Ergonomics Of The Kitchen

Ergonomics of the kitchen. The kitchen triangle. How to design a comfortable kitchen.
Modern kitchen ergonomics is all about making your work effortless

The rule of the triangle, the correct zoning of the kitchen, the standard indentation and the distances that need to be maintained between furniture, appliances, and walls, you will find out about this by watching our new video blog about quality and comfortable furniture.

What to choose design or ergonomics?

In this case, I always say that your kitchen can look great, but what good is it if it is not convenient!

My name is Yuriev Yuri and I advise you to choose an ergonomic design, because a comfortable kitchen is very beautiful!

What important points you need to consider in your future kitchen and how to make the kitchen as comfortable as possible you will learn in this video.

Let’s start with the basics:

The kitchen triangle rule

Storage and supply area (fridge, bulk cabinets) – Washing area (washing, dishwasher) – Preparation or work area, and cooking area (cooking and oven)

The main thing is to follow the correct sequence of these zones – because we take food in the refrigerator – in the sink, we cut and prepare.

Key recommendations to follow:

The height of the countertop from the floor – depends on the growth of the hostess, the standard height ranges from 85 to 91 cm. But optimally – it is better to choose the height using the elbow rule!

In a relaxed state, bend the elbow at a right angle and put the brush parallel to the countertops – the distance from the arm to the countertop should be 15 cm

The height of the apron and, accordingly, the upper modules of the kitchen also largely depends on the person’s height, usually this distance is from 45 to 60 cm. The main criterion for evaluating what height you need is to get to the second shelf of the wall cabinet without voltage.

Of course, a kitchen is not only furniture, but also appliances!

The distance between the hob and the hood will directly depend on the hob model, for electric 60-75 for gas -70-85 The width of the hood should also be either the same as the surface. Or wider.

If you rarely use the oven – then place it in the lower sections, if often – it is better in a pencil case at the level of the hands, leave a portion of the countertop for hot baking sheets nearby.

It is better to store frequently used items at a height of 50 to 180 cm from the floor, this is primarily due to the fact that you will have to bend down to get products that are lower, and a ladder is already needed above this zone.

If you are looking for a comfortable kitchen, we are always happy to help you.


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We decided to share with you very valuable information.

How not to make 10 mistakes when designing a kitchen to the ceiling?

Ceiling kitchens have become a trend of the outgoing 2019, and we just could not get past this.

We have collected the most common mistakes that are most often made when designing a kitchen in the ceiling.

Good afternoon friends, today I want to share with you the basic files when designing kitchens to the ceiling.

The most common mistake of all interior designers and all newcomers who have just started to make kitchens to the ceiling are overhead lights.

The overhead lamp primarily prevents the upper facade from opening, especially if it is located close enough to the kitchen set. That’s the whole problem from which you need to be insured from the beginning, but knowing what I am telling you right now, you will not make such mistakes.

Problem number two is stretch ceilings. In almost all cases, the stretch ceiling sags at least two to three centimeters, which further prevents the upper facade from opening. There is of course a way out of this situation, this is to make a plasterboard box over the kitchen, and then put on the suspended ceiling.

The third common problem is baguettes. If you decide to make the kitchen to the ceiling, definitely get rid of these decorative elements. This is due primarily to the fact that the extreme modules of your kitchen simply will not open, resting on these decorative elements. Of course there is a way to solve it, to set the false trims, but this will definitely ruin the whole look. Pay attention to the ceiling level, because even a small difference after installing the kitchen is conspicuous and spoils the whole aesthetic appearance.

The mistake of two-level kitchens on the ceiling is as follows, when we place aventos hkf at the lower level, then a customer who is more than eighty meters tall will simply bang his head on the facade.

The next mistake I want to pay attention to is the high facades. The facade, which is higher than thirty meters, I recommend always to put an equalizer, because any body material, whether chipboard or wood, has the property of bending. To prevent this from happening, put an equalizer.

If the duct is far from your hood, then most likely you will lose a lot of space in the upper mezzanines, and then the question becomes whether the kitchen is worth the ceiling. If the height of your kitchen is above three meters, then definitely you will encounter the problem of joints on the side canisters. This is primarily due to the overall dimensions of the plate materials. There is such a manufacturer as despre smart, which has some of the decors in overall dimensions – three and a half meters.

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