Small And Simple American Kitchen Decor

The space, which values ​​integration, can be optimized with furniture and shelves.

American cuisine has become increasingly popular in Brazilian homes. It is practical, modern and offers excellent conditions for preparing gastronomic delights. The main characteristic of this environment is the possibility of interaction with the dining room and the living room.

With an integrated space, the American kitchen triumphs inside the residence and becomes a true extension of the living area. However, the residents need to take some care in the decoration so that the kitchen’s aesthetics harmonize with the other rooms in the house.

The decor of the American kitchen becomes an even greater challenge when space is limited. Residents need to think about a project that is able to take advantage of the dimensions and not compromise circulation.

American kitchen with white furniture.

Here is a selection of tips for decorating your small kitchen:

1 – Evaluate the measures

It is important to know the measures of the American kitchen to make the right choices with regard to furniture and appliances. In general, the appropriate height of the counter is 1.20m and the island is 90cm.

2 – Choose suitable furniture

To save money on the project, it is worth betting on a prefabricated kitchen cabinet compatible with space measures. You will find good options in big stores, such as Tok Stok and Etna. Bet on drawers under the sink, overhead cabinets, and vertical cabinets.

If the budget allows, and the house is not rented, it is clear that it is more worth investing in furniture designed for the kitchen. That way, every corner of the room will be used intelligently.

3 – Define the colors

American kitchen furniture should preferably be white. If the resident wants to leave the environment with a touch of color, he can invest in the utensils and details of the tile.

The use of white color in the decor of the small American kitchen is a way to increase visibility and stimulate the feeling of spaciousness. But if you really like dark and colorful tones, you can find ways to use these colors without making the project heavy.

4 – Enjoy the free area on the walls

Shelves and hanging cabinets are ideal for taking advantage of the vertical kitchen area.

5 – Install a hood in the room

Cooking smoke is often a nuisance in the kitchen. It can invade other rooms in the house, such as the living room. To avoid this problem, it is essential to install a hood.

6 – Bet on a bench

To define the space of the American kitchen more precisely, it is worth betting on the installation of a countertop. In the absence of space inside the house, the American kitchen counter can become a dining table.

There are different models of countertops for kitchen, such as the MDF model and the masonry model. Those who invest in the second option have a greater variety of finishes, such as the sophisticated porcelain tile that imitates the appearance of marble.

The free space under the counter can be an option for extra storage in the kitchen. It is the perfect place to store pots, pans and even cookbooks.

7 – Respect the decoration style of the integrated environments

The style of decorating the American kitchen must follow the same line as the other environments that suffer from integration. That is, it is necessary to adopt similar colors, shapes and prints. The need to harmonize becomes even greater when there is no bench.

8 – Choose the coating carefully

Because of the integration, the kitchen floor must be the same as the living room. The walls do not have to follow the painting of the other rooms. The ideal is to choose a coating that facilitates cleaning.

Some people, however, like to innovate and break rules. So it is not uncommon to find houses and apartments where the American kitchen has colorful tile floors and the living room has wooden floors, for example. It is a matter of taste.

9 – Define home appliances

The table stove is ideal for the American kitchen, as it occupies less space and leaves the environment with a modern air. As it is a small room, the refrigerator and oven also need to be compact in size.

10 – Caprich in decoration

To make the room more pleasant and welcoming, it is worth installing pendant lamps on the counter. Modern height-adjustable stools are also welcome to accommodate friends and family.

In an American kitchen, decoration and organization are confused all the time. As the room is part of the living area, everything must be arranged in an intelligent and organized way. The tip is to invest in transparent glass jars to store coffee, sugar, rice, beans and other groceries. You can also include open shelves on the walls, as this allows you to display colorful household items.

The choice of colors to decorate the environment depends a lot on the owner’s preferences. Those who are tired of the monotony of white can invest in warm and energetic tones, such as orange, yellow or red. But if the idea is to make the kitchen more fresh and relaxing, the tip is to work with cool colors in the decoration, such as shades of blue and green.

It is recommended to use a light and neutral color coating on the wall, as this way the kitchen looks bigger. But this recommendation does not “block” your possibilities. You can bet on installing a different tile model on the backsplash, as is the case with pieces with hexagonal shapes and subway tiles (white bricks).

Have you chosen your favorite American cuisine? What did you think of the models? Leave a comment below.

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