Top 21 Mistakes When Ordering A New Kitchen

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  1. No legs!

Never, under any circumstances, make a kitchen with open legs – use a base, and if you want to make a kitchen with the effect of soaring in the air – then it is better to use a hinged curbstone – but do not forget that you need to provide mortgages in the wall so that your kitchen does not break out and not collapsed.

  1. No deep wash and low mixer tap

Choose a sink deeper than 17 cm, even if a dishwasher is provided in your kitchen – a deep sink will never be superfluous, and a tall mixer will help you wash even the largest watermelon without any problems.

  1. Small dishwasher

Minimum internal height of the module for drying – 60cm

In order to be convenient to use and fit all the plates this is the very minimum that you need. Also note that the depth of the drying module must be at least 32 cm – so that the large plates do not interfere with the burying of the facades.

  1. Lack of illumination of a working surface

Do not save on light, additional illumination of the work surface will not only help to create a romantic atmosphere at night and will greatly help in the convenience of cooking. Because the main light that is in the kitchen is closed by the upper cabinets, and the countertop area against the wall becomes very dark, so spending a long time cooking in such a kitchen is very tiring.

  1. Dishwasher 45 cm

If you have the opportunity to put a 60cm dishwasher, do not hesitate to place it, it has a half load, so you don’t have to worry about the issue if there is suddenly a little dishware that needs to be washed, but when it is really a lot to run 2 times or wash it by hand – a lot worse.

  1. Few outlets

That is why the first thing to do is to design a kitchen project, and only then start repairs. When you know one hundred percent what kind of appliances you will have, how many outlets you need on the work surface, where they will be located, how many household appliances you will connect, where and how they will be stored – in general, start the repair with a kitchen project! Also think in advance whether you will have a water filter, because some filters require a connection to electricity.

It is very important to display each equipment connection on a separate machine!

  1. Communication Findings

The most common mistake during repairs is the removal of water and sewage from the dishwasher – never, under any circumstances – do this. The fact is that, with a worktop depth of 600 mm, the dishwasher becomes close to the wall, which means that there is no place to connect behind it!

  1. Open shelves

I would not advise making open shelves in the kitchen, they are of little use, and maintaining order on them is quite problematic. For practical reasons, it is better to use closed cabinets.

  1. Too wide boxes

Boxes with a width of more than a meter are, firstly, not very convenient – secondly, even the top-end Blum guides can withstand a load of only 70 kg, keep this in mind when loading boxes.

  1. Low drawers

Do not make crates too low for optimal crate size. For cutlery 135-180mm for pots 240-360mm. Of course, tall drawers are also not very convenient, but if a large pot is stored in your kitchen, then make the height based on its size

  1. Too Narrow or Wide Swing Facades

Too narrow swinging facades require not only more hinges, which slightly increases the cost, but is also not very convenient in everyday life, for example, in order to open a cabinet 60 cm wide and remove a pan from it, you will have to open two facades at once. Facades that are too wide can sag over time, as shoulder load directed down. The optimum width of the swinging facade is from 45 to 60 cm.

  1. T-hood

This is the place to hit the head of a thousand housewives – it’s better to choose either a built-in hood or an inclined hood. Also take a powerful hood, no matter how beautiful and comfortable it is, but the hood should fulfill its function 100 percent.

  1. Oven with handles

Do not buy an oven with external handles – it is better to choose the model in which they are recessed. Firstly, if you have small children, they will not be able to twist them, and secondly, they will not get so dirty.

  1. Corner wash

A sink in the corner, and even a round one – oh my god, their eyes are bleeding! I ask you to never do this – it is very inconvenient! If you want to wash the advance from the oven, then in a round sink this is almost impossible.

  1. Kitchen handles

No, I will not dissuade you from the handles, although now kitchens without handles are in trend. By the way, you can see our latest works on the site, the link is in the description. There are kitchens with or without handles.

If you decide to use the horizontal arrangement of the handles for the entire length of the facade, then on the modules that are adjacent to the walls you will have to cast a fake panel or change the position of the handles from horizontal to vertical. This question also concerns corner kitchens. In addition, in order for the angular facades to open, you need falsities of at least 40 mm in size, also for the hinged facade you need to provide an opening stop, because the standard hinge opens 93 degrees – as a result of which the handles beat against each other when opened.

  1. Washing machine in the kitchen
Cover up your washing machine - Amazing washing machine cabinets ...

If the issue of free space is very acute – then of course I will not dissuade you from a washing machine in the kitchen – but! Please put the built-in washing machine – it costs a little more, but you will be insured against such jambs:

For a free-standing washing machine, you need more space – at least 3 cm on each side due to the fact that it does not have built-in vibration damping – so that it does not provoke a kitchen shake, leave a gap.

The second problem is the tray for washing powder – at a tabletop depth of 60 cm and overhanging 20 mm, due to the fact that the shape of the washing machine has a slightly twisted shape, the tray for powder leaves only 10 mm. Therefore, you have to either break the latch, or use powder capsules.

  1. Cheap fittings

Yes, of course, sometimes I want to save some money, but trust me, you buy a kitchen for a year or two, on average, they use good food for 10-15 years, so I don’t recommend saving on fittings when ordering a kitchen. Especially not a hundredth place to put gas elevators, they work very unstable and after 3 years require a complete replacement, it is better to put once a good aventos from the company Blum.

  1. Order a black glossy countertop

Of course, the black glossy countertop looks incomparable, but in cleaning it will be hell for any housewife.

  1. Using clear glass

Clear or frosted glass in the kitchen, especially in the lower drawers, is the most disgusting design of the 90s. If you do not want to spoil your kitchen – just do not do it!

  1. Order a kitchen without a contract

I have a separate video about this – I’ll leave a link to it in the description, but still be sure to sign the contract, require a full description of all materials and accessories – drawings and other documents that confirm that you order so as not to get a pig in a poke. Also if you work without a contract. That there can be no talk of any guarantee whatsoever.

  1. Irresponsibility

In order to avoid mistakes in your kitchen, carefully consider creating your project, do not let everything go by chance, if you have non-standard baguettes or a protruding window sill, or a boiler, be sure to inform the designer about this, give the full dimensions and make sure that it fits in the size of your kitchen.

If you are looking for a comfortable kitchen, we are always happy to help you.

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