Planned Kitchens: How To Elaborate A Personalized Project

With a central role in the houses, it is important that the kitchen is functional and comfortable so that the residents can enjoy the best of the room, transforming the environment into an ideal living area to enjoy with friends and family. In this post, we give you some tips to plan and ensure the success of your project!


A planned kitchen is the dream of many people, especially those who like to cook and spend a lot of time in the environment. Therefore, it is essential to have a place that takes advantage of all the space to ensure comfort when preparing meals, whether on a daily basis or to receive guests.

As with any project, it is important that the architect is able to deliver a beautiful and functional result, combining the client’s style with the space available in the house. To create this content, we counted on the collaboration of the architect Lilian Dutra, who gave us tips on what to do when preparing the planned kitchen project. Check out the professional profile at Archtrends Portobello!

Why build a custom kitchen?

The environment is personalized, tailored to the needs of the residents of a home and designed to adapt perfectly to the space available. In other words, it seeks much more than beauty: people’s ergonomics and comfort come first.

A planned kitchen assumes an organized environment where all spaces are used in the best possible way, in order to guarantee practicality and comfort.

According to Lilian, “planning a kitchen is essential in the life of a home, whether as a family or living alone, a correct and fluid distribution in a kitchen can reduce work, prevent accidents and facilitate everyday life”. In addition, it is important to remember that a planned kitchen increases the value of the property and draws the attention of buyers, facilitating the sale.

The only disadvantage is that it can hardly be taken and installed elsewhere, if the residents move. Since it was designed to stay in a specific room, it is likely that it does not have the same functionality that it had before the move.

What is important to consider when making a planned kitchen?

Beautiful planned kitchen in shades of gray and bench in blue | Lilian Dutra

In planning, it is essential to know the measures of the environment and the appliances, in addition to thinking in the direction in which the doors and drawers open. This ensures that you can fit all the furniture and still have space for circulation.

Still, on this subject, Lilian points out: “when planning a kitchen, we must not forget to facilitate the circulation, creating direct flow between the equipment such as stove, oven, refrigerator, and sink, as well as easily accessible places for utensils of usual use and ingredients, are also essential for a functional and attractive kitchen ”.

Well-sized benches help a lot to prepare meals and are practically indispensable. If the kitchen is small, it is worth opting for smaller appliances to have a comfortable space in everyday life. Another good tip to enlarge the environment is to invest in light tones and minimalist contrasts, such as the mixture of gray tones of the Bossa line.

The interesting thing is to know that the diversity of materials is immense, that is why it is easier to arrive at the expected result and, still, to innovate in different types of finishes, in furniture, coverings, and design. From porcelain tiles to natural stones, it is possible to mix resources to bring a kitchen to life with the customer’s face.

Tips for designing planned kitchens

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Beautiful planned kitchen design made by Lilian Dutra

The following tips will help to carry out the kitchen project without complications. If you pay attention to these points, it will certainly be functional and organized.


For any project, it is essential to consider what the client thought for the home itself. Following the approach proposed by him, do research and find solutions that can be applied, especially through coatings.

If he would like to have a kitchen that mixes modern and classic, for example, how about thinking about a reinterpretation of hydraulic tiles with innovative geometric shapes? If he wants a more rustic kitchen, you can mix wood finishes with a clear finish, which is also practical and elegant, like the Liverpool line.


Research done? Time to validate options with the customer. To get to what he wants and make the most of the size and shape of the room, you need to talk, do interviews and exchange ideas about references until you find out what is best for the kitchen project in question.

If it is a renovation project, look at the kitchen he already has and ask about his habits: if he usually receives visitors or only prepares food for himself. This helps to set priorities when building the environment and to go beyond what was mentioned in the conversations, exceeding customer expectations.


This information is important because it helps to define a comfortable height for countertops, cabinets and the sink. Planning a kitchen that is accessible to everyone, but that favors the height of the person who most uses the environment, is a way to make the place comfortable.

In addition, the resident who has the habit of cooking needs to give ideas and propose solutions that will help you in your daily life.


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The kitchen, in addition to being a meeting and leisure environment, is also a workplace. Therefore, it is necessary to elaborate an adequate lighting project, which allows its effective use at any time of the day and night

Value and make the most of natural lighting. It is not only economical, but also enhances aesthetic issues and brings feelings of warmth and relaxation, which are very important in this place.

The use of LED lamps is recommended, as the space needs strong and clear lighting, in addition to being economical. It is interesting to have general lighting over the center of the ceiling or over the table, but be careful not to make it uncomfortable in the eyes.

Point lighting to highlight details and eliminate shading points caused by furniture is also quite suitable. It can be done using LED spots or strips.

An object that is on the rise when talking about light, are the pendants. They resemble chandeliers, however without the branches and are placed lower, with less intensity. In fact, they bring elegance and enhance beauty, but remember to put it at an appropriate time.


The kitchen design that is allowed when choosing a planned one is vast. The furniture will be made according to the client’s wishes and, therefore, it is necessary that the choice be made carefully, both in aesthetic factors and in its functionality.

Before making this decision, do a lot of research on the style of kitchen you want and what furniture is suitable. If a vintage kitchen is chosen, for example, think about which decade you want to locate the room, what colors and shapes match the space. If it is minimalist, do not give up bringing details that, without loading the environment, complement it and maintain its main functions.


It is important to separate a specific place to store a blender, mixer, electric fryer, among others. Also leave a space for appliances that can be purchased in the future. This adds value to your project and keeps it functional for a long time.


The layout can be defined as a sketch, a design drawing that shows the ideas, distributions and organizations of the work to be built. In the planned kitchen the possibilities for the elaboration of this stage are amplified and it is of extreme importance, since the pieces will be manufactured according to the sizes and fittings that were decided there.

A common complaint in the use of this environment is the difficulty of simultaneous use between two or more people, as well as the movement and fitting of furniture. So, these are good factors to start your plan, decide the fitting of the furniture and the location of doors and windows.

Another starting point is to know which form of cuisine your customer prefers and the available area is adequate. The most common ones are linear ones, in which the pieces are arranged in parallel lines, those with an L shape and those with an U shape. Always remember that all decisions must be based on what your contractor asked for, as the use of the room and its priorities in relation to it.


For its own purpose, it is impossible that the preparations made in the kitchen do not release odors and smoke, in addition to the appearance of mold in some places. To solve this problem, it is necessary to establish an exhaust system suitable for the environment.

There are three most common types: the hood, the hood and the scrubber. The hood is a device installed about 2.5 m from the floor, which has a propeller. Its function is, with this propeller, to remove the hot air with fat particles that are concentrated at the top and to exchange for cold air that is outside. Regarding temperature, it is the one that best provides thermal comfort. However, it is less effective when it comes to eliminating fats and odors.

The hood is a wall or island system that has two modes: the hood and the scrubber. In the exhaust mode, it performs the same function as previously mentioned, making the air exchange. In the debugger function, it captures hot and greasy air, passes through a filter and returns it pure to the environment, being much more efficient in this respect.

Finally, the scrubber also cleans grease using a stainless steel plate. It is less powerful than a hood and needs constant cleaning. Otherwise, its effectiveness is reduced and the fat re-impregnates the environment. It is very suitable for smaller kitchens, since the hood has a duct that resembles a chimney, which not every environment can hold, which is not the case with the scrubber.


Integrating environments can be interesting to expand the kitchen space. This architectural solution provides moments of relaxation and convenience with family and friends.

A dining bench linked to the work bench or living room, in the kitchen, can also stimulate pleasant conversations and interactions.

It is an advantageous concept for houses that have no pantry, or for very small kitchens that need a way to expand. In these projects, one of the walls gives way to a bench that can work as a table or as a base for the cooktop.


Beautiful planned kitchen design made by Lilian Dutra

Kitchen flooring is important not only for its decorative aspect. It is an area that needs resistance, impermeability and durability, as renovations there cause great inconvenience to residents. The three coating points are the walls, floors and backsplash.

For the wall it is recommended coatings that are easy to clean, since dirt accumulation is common in this environment. The floors need to support the weight that will be carried over there and the choice will depend on the frequency of use.

The backsplash is the part of the wall that is located between benches or sinks and upper cabinets. In addition to creating an aesthetic detail, with a different coating, one can think that they are the wetter areas and with a greater tendency to get dirty – opting for a darker coating can be a great choice.


The benches need resistance, since they will bear weight and food and utensils will be handled there. The commonly used materials are stainless steel, tiles and stones, especially granite.

Stainless steel countertops are more used in professional kitchens, but they have also started to spread in residential areas, as they do not oxidize and their cleaning is simple. The tiles allow a decoration with more personality, adapting better to the rest of the aesthetic. However, it needs the construction of a surface to be laid.

Granite is hard and needs little maintenance. Its disadvantage is that it does not offer much variety in terms of its appearance, however, depending on the style of your room, it can serve perfectly.

Thinking of a more gourmet space, porcelain countertops are on the rise, not only for their beauty but for their quality, high water resistance, and ease of cleaning. The use of a modern vat and porcelain tiles, for sure, will bring beauty and class to your kitchen.

They are super functional and versatile, we can invest in porcelain countertops in various styles and decorations, from rustic,  sophisticated,  minimalist to vintage, for that, nothing better than having surfaces made with excellent quality products.

Due to the versatility of the pieces, we can find it in large sizes, with rectified finish, extra-fine model, different cuts etc. As we are talking about the kitchen, be careful when installing the cooktop: before installation, you must have a place ready for it. Also, be sure to put an exhaust fan to reduce the presence of food or smoke odors around the home.

The Officina Portobello offers unique solutions in the art of porcelanateria. Combination of artisan mastery and cutting edge technology for special cuts, design objects, furniture and worktops. Be sure to check it out!


It is common that the space already exists when making the kitchen project, so the water outlets and plugs will already be placed. When planning, you need to adapt to these conditions or do an even bigger job to change the premises. Be sure that the wires will not hang and that all devices can be connected without disturbing the other.

Another important point is the opening of the drawers and stove doors, cabinets and the room itself. Neither of them should hit the other nor hinder the movement of people. In very small places, opt for sliding models or rotating displays that do not need doors.

Cabinets with many drawers are not as used today. Now, the trend is the drawers that can house pots and pans or even serve as a pantry or place to put spices.


The kitchen design is not only made of furniture, walls and floors. The details, such as taps, handles and the finish, help to enhance the final product.

So be sure to show your customers the possibilities that exist in that field, which best match their desire and show the difference that these details make. Only then can you guarantee complete satisfaction when delivering your work.

Did you like our tips? Did you find the information useful? So share the content right now on your social networks so that your contacts also know the advantages of a planned kitchen!

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