10 Ways To Distinct Quality Furniture From Garbage

Choosing a custom kitchen manufacturer is not an easy decision, you always want to save somewhere, and at the same time get a high-quality kitchen in the fastest time, and so that the service is at its best and guarantee. But let’s be realistic, because we know very well that quality cannot be cheap, and even more so done in a week.

1. On-site assembly

The first thing that should alert you is that if a pile of planks was brought to your house instead of a kitchen, you should know that there will be trouble. The installation of the kitchen will be delayed, the marriage of the garage production will come out, and all the joy of the new kitchen will come to disappointment. High-quality production of kitchen furniture involves pre-assembly, which helps to identify all the shortcomings and eliminate them as quickly as possible, even in production. Also, the furniture should be well packed, the furniture is delivered to the address by assembled modules, and only large pencil cases can be disassembled, so that they can be easily put into the elevator. Such a kitchen can be installed as quickly as possible, and to avoid reclamation cases.

2. Where is the hem?

The second thing you should pay attention to is the edge. If you brought assembled kitchen cabinets, but there is no edge at the joints between the modules, at the back wall and in the places where the Countertop will be installed, then not you, but you have saved a lot of money, and you will still breathe vapor from the particleboard. Even if the whole kitchen is made of Egger chipboard, which has an emission class E1, then the norms at which it is harmless to humans are indicated in a rammed state, and the open end increases the evaporation rate by 10 times! Personally, I would not want to spend a long time in such a kitchen.

3. Missed 2 mm

Instead of the promised 18, they brought 16 mm thick chipboard. For high-quality kitchen furniture, I absolutely do not recommend the use of 16mm chipboard. Due to the fact that usually manufacturers of such particleboard very rarely produce a high-quality product that can withstand active use, and the kitchen is the place where we open and close the drawers and shuhlyady every day, and I definitely do not want to one fine day the loop fell out.

4. Confirmates as decor

On visible racks, the holes under the confirmants are, at best, sealed with plastic plugs, which are not always taught in color. To simplify the assembly of a garage kitchen, this is the most common method of fastening. Of course, it is also the most reliable, therefore, large productions can not do without confirmants, but on visible racks it is better to use minifixes or rafixes – in order to avoid unnecessary holes in the visible parts of the kitchen set. 

5. BLUM instead

They promised to put the accessories Blum, put China. How to distinguish whether a real bloom was brought? Everything is very simple, all Blum fittings have branded engraving, be sure to check this when you receive the kitchen.

6. Chinese drying dishes

If you made a cabinet for drying without airing, you obviously ran into a person who does not understand anything in kitchen furniture, after a couple of months, your drying will rust, and there will be no one to make complaints. In general, any drying that is made of low-quality steel will rust, so I advise you to drip the drying of the Italian brands Vibo and Inoxa – we have never had a problem with them.

7. Crooked kitchen

Curved Facades, I do not exclude the fact that this is possible because of the curvature of the room, but most often it arises because of a cheap saw shop in which unregulated saws, so when assembling such a kitchen set, diagonals do not converge in the cabinets, and making Facades with perfect gaps is no longer possible.

8. Holes in place

Openings for the exhaust duct ventilation duct, gas meter, oxen leads, etc., are made in place, while the open ends of the chipboard remain. Remember, if you turn to professionals, then your kitchen is thought out even at the stage of the project, and it is clearly indicated where the cutouts will be. These cutouts are made in advance and edged.

9. Jack of all trades

Do not turn to the masters of all trades, everyone should be a specialist in their field! Let’s imagine this situation: Vasya took the order, Vasya did the measurement, Vasya did the cut, and Vasya came to collect. Tomorrow, Vasya got sick, of course, I wish you all good health, but anything can happen in life, and you have a housewarming party, invited friends and relatives, but Vasya cannot complete your order due to illness. From personal experience I’ll say that in order for your furniture to turn out to be of high quality, professionals and highly specialized specialists should do this.

10. Poor Facades

The quality of materials and production technology applies to absolutely all facades, whether it is laminated or painted MDF, acrylic, glass or even wood. At first glance, after installing the kitchen, everything may be fine, but over time, the film may peel off, the paint will sag, and shagreen leather may appear, the glass will peel off the facade, and with wooden facades trouble may occur, they may go cracked.

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