Top 10 Kitchen Decor Trends In 2020

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen soon, it would be good to check out the latest trends to find out what is best for your space. Whether you’re looking for a change from new features and appliances or a kitchen that looks more bohemian, there’s still plenty to be done in the kitchen to meet your needs, even if you’re obsessed with the new lighting and countertop trends. With the help of experts in this field, our team has compiled a list of Top 10 Kitchen Decor Trends In 2020.

The room typically reflects who you are, so take advantage of your renovation by giving it a special touch.

1. A white kitchen is a clean kitchen

clean white kitchen design
 Photo sherwin-williams

If a strong contrast in your kitchen is not quite your style, but you’re not necessarily looking for the timeless white kitchen that is so often adorned by modernists and minimalists alike, there are some cutting-edge design options that might be relevant to you. Dark, bold colors and designs in the kitchen are a continuing and big decor trend for 2020, which can be implemented in many ways. Splashes of color can be found in everything from the walls and ceilings to the furniture and lighting.

2. Be bold with a darker finish in the kitchen

dark kitchen decor
Photo by Johanna Bradford, courtesy of Artilleriet.

Another trend in 2020 is the option to add a darker finish to your kitchen decor and choose a bold countertop such as black granite, but there are other ways to pair with white. That could make your kitchen decor look very different from the cold, white, minimalist kitchens we saw earlier in the decade.

3. Lighten up the kitchen decor with color

lighten up the kitchen decor with colors
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White is a long-standing classic in the kitchen, but we’re likely to see more colorful accents in the kitchens in 2020. Over the past decade, grey has been the color of choice for many modern kitchens, from kitchens in New York City and Los Angeles to the East Coast.

4. Wood tones adds calm to your kitchen decor

wood kitchen decor
Photo by Peter & Kelley Gibeon

Interior designer Decor Aid suggests adding natural hues to your kitchen design by incorporating wood tones into kitchen cabinets. If you want to choose a strong kitchen decor color, paint your cupboards in a darker shade, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue or even green.

5. Add a unique and modern touch to your kitchen

unique and modernized kitchen design
Photo by AUHAUS’

Strong colors add depth to your kitchen space, and bolder colors can also make the kitchen decor the center of your home, as it is where most conversations normally take place. Think of ways to find a striking way to add unexpected elements to a modernized kitchen, such as the arrest of lighting fixtures to make the kitchen furniture unique to the home.

6. Hide the dishes in your sink

sliding covered sink design
Photo by SMEG

If your kitchen furniture is deliberately not matching, you should use two complementary tones on the walls and cabinets to instantly surprise the eye with a cool look. Cleverly, a sliding-covered sink instantly adds more space for preparation and counter, and it also has the ability to hide the dishes waiting to be cleaned.

7. Create a smart seating area in your kitchen decor

custom made kitchen decor

The increasingly popular custom-made banquette seats are a great way to bring family and friends together in one of the most used rooms in the house, giving your kitchen decor a unique property that could also add value to your home. Open shelves in the kitchen have become a popular and trendy way to create a relaxed aesthetic that showcases glasses and tableware. Add a bold statement that many of us want to make in our homes by creating open shelves where you can add your favorite accessories that best represent your style.

8. Upgrade your kitchen island

kitchen islands decor with great storage

In 2020, people will increasingly be looking to connect with nature, and there will be a growing desire for more open space in their homes. Homeowners who add or upgrade an island can choose to add storage space, whether it’s open shelves, cabinets, or pull-out drawers.

9. Wood-stained Kitchen Cabinets

Wood-stained Kitchen Cabinets
Photo by Kitchen Cabinet Kings

White kitchens are doing well, but increasingly homeowners are trying to add a splash of color to their kitchen island, with grey and blue proving to be the most popular shades. In 2020, wood-stained kitchen cabinets will be popular, and they are on the rise. Today, kitchens with cabinets in a variety of colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, and purple are luxuriating.

10. Make it personal

ikea grey kitchen cabinets
Photo by IKEA

It’s not as if the blue kitchen trend was inspired by Grace and Frankie, but people get braver when they add a splash of color to their kitchens. Cool – tinted cabinets have been dominating the trend for years, and that’s because we see the beloved all-in-one trends in the white kitchen slowly fading.


Whether you like white, gray or wood, there is nothing that beats a well-furnished kitchen with a personal touch. Money can buy you expensive furnishings, but passion and personal style create a homely feeling.

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